Aarohi X – Cocreation

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Education is not about outsourcing, but about CO-CREATING.
The need for Aarohi-X arose from the situation of social distancing. We began the process by finding the needs of the children and the parents in the community. We came together several times (online) to listen to understand and co-create the Aarohi-X.
X stands for extending the concept of open learning with the benefit of a community, processes of Aarohi, and interaction with facilitators. And we co-created

Aarohi-x is all about community and interactions.

We, with all the existing children and parents, have co-created a basic format of how Aarohi-x will function.

  1. The need to “share, connect, stimulate, and update” created “community space” – opening circle and closing circle with together planning process, reflection and connecting
  2. The need to “do it together, enrich our learning, learn from other, to be taught, and have fun together by doing together”created “collaboration space” like clubs, collaboration projects, practice together, develop a skill together, share emotions, or just simply chill together, and so on
  3. The need for guidance and mentoring created “connect space” – facilitator available for one to one interaction, feedback from peers, or parents available on demand.
  4. The need to have exposure created a space like “Friday special” – Show, Quiz, Games, Learning mela, sessions, Theatre, Performance, Activities, Resource People, etc.
Since we are all at our respective homes, we are using tools like Slack for messaging and sharing, collaborative apps like google docs and meetings using good old phone, zoom, or any other web tool for collaborative projects, clubs, and other interactions. Interactions are one-to-one, small group, and also the whole group. Aarohi-x is not about some online sessions, rather more about how we can as a community work towards taking care of each child’s needs. So the keyword here is not online, rather INTERACTIONS.

As we move ahead, this process of co-creation will continue and the format of Aarohi evolving to suit reach child and family needs.By the way, the meaning of the Sanskrit word Aarohi is evolving.