Aarohi Summer camps 2015 – Exploration


We began the week few more people joining to experience Aarohi. Each week is different in some ways, and same in some ways. Ponding, trekking, telescope, playing with dogs and rock climbing were popular this week too.

Also explored masonry work…music was different this week with few more adults taking part in designing sunshine…we braided and braided …stitched and sew…made unlimited origami…learned about dinosaurs…painted on windows panes…tried making car… planted trees…worked in kitchen garden…read and shared…climbed trees..and many more..

” I love nature”, shared Leela and there begins land art at campus. Some joined her to collect stones, some made designs using stones….we came closer to stones with art.

It was different, it was using sunlight and our imagination to create shadows and make stories.

One long broken hose pipe and water and desire to play in mud (mud bath) led to 3 hours of exploration.

After rain, the rain water pond was full of water – we explored music in it :). Used plates, back of mopping stick, glass and our imagination.

We call it ponding…splash and swim in the nearby pond..pictures tell you the whole story

Small hill behind the campus became our first destination. Some twisted their legs, some conquered thorns….all reached on top of the hill to feel the breeze and came back with smile and twisted leg.

Sun at campus on April 22nd at noon. Play of sun and clouds spotted by a child who was out in the sun to repair a pipe for mud bath.

We danced closed eyes, we imagined to paint with different body parts with music, we choreographed steps together, we sang and said thanks to all around us, we danced with waves and with straight lines….we played instruments to our beats, sang nursery rhymes after a long time….and pretending that spider on our face along with the music. We played this music alternatively and explored wave body movements and straight body movements with the music.

Cooking in progress..

Reflecting at the end of the day through one words, debate, drama…This was an experience they went through when they came to experience Aarohi.