Aarohi Marathon


Marathon started with the spark of idea from a Parent, Fitness coach of Aarohi. The Spark spread the Fire of Running in everyone in the community who participated in the event. Some missed, some participated and some wanted to keep the fire alive.

The Spark of Running Marathon event was fueled by 3 children who worked for the complete event. The entire process of conducting an event was not at all easy. It needed Time, Perseverance, Efforts, Dedication, Commitment, Responsibility.

The list of tasks started from drafting the mail about the event, Registration Process, making bibs, Route banners, Refreshment Stalls to Making of Medals for all the participants. In the entire process lot of decision were to be made like choosing of materials for bibs, color code, finalising design for bibs, Sampling on making medals, Posters making, Marketing the event, accepting “NO” from people, Calling and inviting the community members, the list is tooooooo looooooooooong and the complete event was organised , worked and conducted by children.

Children went through and could challenge themselves to overcome all their emotions in the process of conducting as organisers : Frustration, Why me, I cant do? This is too much to do, joyful , relieved, confused, Push from mentors, inner resistance i don’t want to do work, excitement, and …

This was a different experience for me to understand what all goes behind organising an event. It is easy to give feedback or comment on right and wrong on any event, but what goes behind is huge efforts behind every setup. I had run few Marathon, and has commented , Plastics were not taken care, Road was littered and sometimes as traveler when roads were blocked, I have felt frustrated also.

This event gave me different perspective.Not but the least, the thought behind questioning by our mentor “ Why Special prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and not for all? It definitely stuck me with the thought, “ True everyone who participate in the event, has challenged themselves to put their extra effort in the event to beyond their comfort zone. So definitely all have the right to gift themselves for taking an extra step”.

We celebrated the Marathon event in our unique Aarohi style with joy and togetherness.