Aarohi Government – Decision Making

We added one more chapter in making of Aarohi government. First we understood about Monarchy in open house – we watched a video of Mughal-e-Azam, read history books on kings and rulers, we also read Amar Chitra Katha as resource.

While kids were sharing about their understanding of Monarchy – one child shared “Once you become king and you are in war, you cannot leave the war”. We analyzed many examples from our own life at Aarohi – adopting pets and their care, self learning and various goals we decide, decision to choose Aarohi for our education and many other decisions. . When we analysed our decision to have pets at the campus we realized that it is not easy to be king, we cannot leave war, we cannot leave our pets, we have taken their responsibility.

We began with three groups and finally taking input of each group, each member. Here are our compiled thoughts on “decision making”.

“We have the freedom of taking decisions at Aarohi and we have responsibility of taking part in taking decision to take it together. Everyone should be ok with the decision and should have understood the decision. One should not agree just because all are agreeing. We take each others idea and understand them. We have the freedom to express and also responsibility to share our thoughts in taking any decision. If one is not agreeing to the decision, we will not change the whole decision, but we can understand the disagreement and rethink only that part of the disagreement.

At Aarohi we all are kings and queens and take equal responsibility of all the decisions. We all share our inputs, take inputs from all and listen to all the ideas. Before taking decision we think about consequences and our responsibility of that decision. Take feedback and improve on the responsibility. This also demands working on our beliefs and understanding the decision. We also have the freedom to change the decisions and the change also go through the process of reflecting, understanding and thinking of consequences”.