Aarohi Government – Coming in and Going out

In OPEN HOUSE – we explored – Monarchy, Autocracy, Dictatorship and Democracy. We reflected and worked on “coming and going out” process at Aarohi. This all began with “can a child by birth inherit faculty role like in Monarchy ?”.

COMING IN Criteria – All to understand Aarohi.

  1. FACULTY – If you are joining as faculty go through Amable training – understand aarohi and various things like – why no examinations, why no home work. Understand everyone is equal, understand different elements of Aarohi like outdoor, sessions. Faculty selection is not based on Monarchy – that means a faculty’s child cannot inherit the faculty by birth, all have to go through the training and then only become faculty.

  2. PARENT – Understand the learning system. It is optional for parents to go through training. Faculty or parent or child cannot dictate – they do not rule Aarohi by power, it is not dictatorship. We have “Aarohicracy”. Parents to clarify what is their role, what do they understand is faculty role, what is child’s role in learning. .

  3. CHILD – Its important for the child to understand what is Aarohi – fill up the WHY form (at their level). They can also meet existing children (optional).

Anyone joining, purpose should match with Aarohi’s philosophy. All three to fill up a WHY form. Pay the fee in advance – if cannot pay, pay in other forms like work etc.

GOING OUT CRITERIA – If any one wants to leave – Faculty, Child, Parent – It is same for anyone leaving.

All your responsibilities and commitments are done or handed over to person who is willing to take over. If you do not find someone, then you need to wait. If you do not have any commitments, just inform and leave. Share (if possible) why are you leaving, give feedback, share appreciation and dirt. Throw a bye bye party and go (recommended) and make donations.

In case of faculty, You have to handed over to a trained and skillful faculty (Amabel training). If a faculty is leaving, only if needed, then arrange for another, If others are ok to share responsibilities, then do not need find another one. Inform in advance and hand over the responsibilities.