Aarohi creating a full issue fo Teacher Plus Magazine

We have a wonderful opportunity in our laps. The September issue ofTeacherPlus(TP) magazine will be completely done by Aarohi – cover to cover.TeacherPlus(TP) is a national levelteachersmag subscribed by many schools – so this is a huge PR opportunity for us – should put us on the national map.
The brief given to us by the TP team:

This time the idea was to do some fun thing —– what we call a Tea- Break—– with several games, quizzes, craft ideas, —- some kind of chicken soup for theteacher‘s soul etc etc.

We also felt that you and your colleagues at Amable and Aarohi would be the perfect fit for doing this special issue.
We would like to hand over the entire issue to you, where you could plan the articles and features, get the writers, think of the content etc. and of course, shoot great photos. The idea is that this issue must also come in handy as resource material later on for theteacherswho could try them out on the children in the classrooms
My take – keep it light but drive home our key perspectives 😉
Here is the plan:
Whoall work on this TP issue – All faculty at gk, all children of Aarohi and all parents of Aarohi are invited.
What: The whole Theme of the issue will beULTA PALTA– – so all our content in the magazine would provide different, funny, out of the box perspectives to all that is part ofteachersworld.

How– We have two lists
  1. One I’ve

    made a map of what all is part ofteacher‘s world – see below

    (suggestwhat else we can add to this map). So anybody who wants to contribute – all you need to do is choose any one of this aspect from the map and create content on it.
  2. L

    ist of the possible format


    in which you create and present your


    – Including

    visuals, story boards, articles, lists (ideas / Qs etc), Cartoons / comics, poetry, maps, case studies, Drama, photo, essay, games, puzzles

    … pl add more to this list also.

Ratnesh’s Role: He will

  1. Drive this whole initiative as editor
    – ensure quality and deadlines.

    he’ll follow up all who volunteer.

  2. Present this to

    children as live station ( I campus this week over hangout and O campus in person next week)

  3. Include the same in Aarohi Newsletter and make it active amongst parents FB.

  4. Coordinate with all GK team members.
  5. Himself fill in with contentwhere-everis the Gap.

So if you are interested, send email to aarohi@aarohilife.org

When: We need ot get back to them by July 10th – so gimme a call fast and lets get cracking.