#9 Joyful Learning – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#9 – Joyful Learning
A group of people in the community from different ages decided to record a story and their story “We started with few voice exercises where on the first day we tried working on the ‘pitch’. The second day was more about picking up the characters from the story and reading the story and just be a little alined. On the third day again the reading and rehearsal happened as we were planning to record the story on the fourth day. On the fourth day shared it with everyone. Everyone shared their inclination, few wanted to work on voice more and few were ok with both. With everyone’s consensus, we decided to give 3 more sessions to our story :). Now came the tough job, managing schedules, and bringing everyone together in the last 3 days took some energy. On the fifth day, we tried working more on different aspects of voice by changing – tone, pitch, volume, energy, expression, emotion. Trupti brought the ‘pauses and punches’ aspect beautifully. On this day hiren in a channel shared his mask and suggested if we all can make one! Ours was the animal kingdom story (with 11 characters) and the mask sounded exciting! We took that up. On the sixth day we worked with the mouth exercise where how just by changing the mouth design and movement, everything changed and it brought a lot of fun. And then the last day arrived! Yes, the recording day!”