#8 The Limitless Learning – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#8 Benefit – The Limitless Learning
Trupti, a young adult, part of the Aarohi Community sharing “I had thought of hosting an open community space in Mumbai. But, as, I am a product of the same system, I have many fears – what will people say, how will people react, will I be able to do? and so on. So, I want to UNLEARN these things, be a part of an ‘unjudgmental space of open learning’ and learn things which I always wanted to, explore new things and also experience this community.
Experimenting with language in the language klub “Experimenting with different sentences, words, make our own words. We started with questioning with ‘eshah, asti? and answering ‘aam’ or ‘naa, eshah naa asti etc.”