#7 The World is our curriculum – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#7 – The World is our curriculum
But what is the curriculum?
Is it defined by me or the learner or none or both?
Life is part of the curriculum
Living is our curriculum
When all this merges, it just becomes an experience.
From the travel diary of Mishti, 9 yrs old Open learner “Then we started heading towards Kanheri Math in Kolhapur, Maharashtra..so u see..we have not yet crossed borders..Kanheri Math is a kind of hidden treasure in Maha State which has so many sculptures..and the whole village life is displayed via real-size sculptures..i even tried to make a mitti ka pot..it was a new experience and i did quite a few failures.. Then we also saw how the sculptures were actually made with bricks, cement, rods, imagination, passion, creativity and their love for it..then i milked a few cows..statue cows..mind ya!! Then we saw a proper real-life village with numerous different styles of huts and houses..except that.. they were all miniature village houses..otherwise i would have booked a hut and would stay there..then i got goody good aashirwaad from millions n millions of sages..and i would have been flying in the air and have a special aura if it weren’t that they were all statues..then we saw real village with real people..but the problem was..the real people were tourists and village people were only statues
Do we all want to go Exploring all different stuff, few experiments, few questions, few wondering or Just Explore one stuff until we get bored and then move on to next – – We all can think think think think … and play more and wonder more and ponder and collect our ponderings in next week”.