#3 Self Discovery – Series #21 benefits of OpenLearning

#3 Self Discovery
Series #21 benefits of OpenLearning

Imagine Open Learning which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self-discovery.
16yrs old sharing, “I kept talking, which is better than not talking at all. I did stop during the last drill because everything was going wrong repeatedly, as a result, I got frustrated and it kept getting worse. so I decided not to speak. And then we had a break where I told myself to stay cool, I became cool but then I made a few more mistakes and then got frustrated again.
Today My emotions were good (in check most of the time). When I got frustrated I just said to myself that I’ll get the next one and another thing that helped was clapping hands (in general just brings more positivity) Unless it’s sarcastic. Also, Rat made one or two stupid jokes that cooled me down. But other than that I was most of the time just moving on with the drill”.