#2 Understand Learner – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

#2 Understand Learner
Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Dunno why we have confused learning with teaching.

Learning by definition means, being in sync with the learner – her styles, her methods, her needs, her self.
Jayshree, mother of 12yrs old Shreyas sharing, “When I asked my 12-year-old son to take Chess classes in Aarohi. His immediate response was NO. We did not talk about it after that. After nearly 2 months, he himself came up to me and told me that he wants to conduct chess. He had a high-level plan on what he wanted and how. He said, he thought about the classes for some time and had arrived at the plan. He was clear that he wanted to ‘teach’. During the chess class, Shreyas asked a question and waited for others to respond. When there was no response, I kept prompting him to explain the question or rephrase the question, or give some clues. He did not budge. After a while, he told me “Amma, you must learn to wait. Chess is a game of thinking. You must give them some time to think. If I keep talking, how will they think? They have to think and find. I will not say anything.”
After some thinking time, the other child responded with the answer and Shreyas gave a big smile at me. This was a big AAHAA learning moment for me”.