#17 Freedom to Design my Learning – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#17 – Design my Learning
17yrs old Aswathy sharing
“After spending time previously exploring the different aspects of filmmaking, doing some deliberate practice, making short films, and finally doing the visioning exercise, I stopped and asked the question, what am I really working towards? And why? Personal values seemed like a nice place to start. I’ve done some exercises and figured out some values that are important to me: efficiency, keep growing, independence, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration and trust. Now I’m trying to make decisions on my goals and stuff based on these personal values. I sometimes spend some time on reflection and resetting my goals. But it’s not like I’ve stopped filmmaking because I’m doing a heck of a lot of reflection and spending time with myself (and honestly I just started doing those stuff), I’ve stopped planning my days for a while, that’s all. Apart from what I’ve shared, here are some things that I’ve done over the past month: bake, play with my dog, chess, keyboard, painting, stitching, video games, anime, and movies (in different ratios)”.