#14 Forceless Learning – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

#14 Benefit – Forceless Learning
Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
Krishiv, 12yrs old sharing, “I accidentally made that weird squiggle on the right while I was fidgeting with my mouse and then I immediately saw the possibility and drew the thing on the left.
I use different tools for different things and I discover new tools almost every day because I am just starting out. But I don’t like to make the same thing again with a different brush or effect. I am kind of focusing more on human faces for now. I did the landscape drawing because I was fascinated by it and I wanted to know how it was made. Here’s another one of my drawings, I just used the pencil tool and the paint bucket tool on Adobe Illustrator, and I focused on making more realistic shadows and highlights because the ones I made before looked like I cut their faces in half”.