12 commandments by a parent

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  1. You pursue other interests as they rise and till they hold interest.
  2. Try and follow through a task you have undertaken till it’s finish line even if you will discard pursuing it.
  3. You are in Aarohi with a purpose. The main purpose is to discovering the real you.
  4. Also what the real you finds lasting passion in so that it may guide your chosen life path as a profession as well.
  5. Never stop learning and being curious about learning. Learning is always in relation with yourself. It can never be otherwise, the outerREFINES the inner and the inner DEFINES the outer.. so it is exciting because one part of the learning is always in the known field which is yourself and the other part is in the unknown which is experience.
  6. Constant and conscious learning leads us into infinity which is the field of great potential.
  7. Don’t get limited by emotional conditioning. Recognise its limitations. Also never think you need to cover up any feelings which rise up. Always express those feelings which need expressing. NEVER DENY YOURSELF EXPRESSION. ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INNER. Don’t let the outer dominate the inner.
  8. Personal hygiene and grooming is your own initiative. Your health is in your hands. Pay attention to what you put in this body. You don’t have a backup body or dentals. This is it!
  9. Emotional hygiene is also in your hands remember YOU program your mind.
  10. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. You are 75% water. That needs replenishing.
  11. Don’t get limited by ego or self sense it blocks your way to higher learning.
  12. All the best. I am with you at every step. Contact. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.