#11 Boundless Learning – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#11 – Boundless Learning
The world is our curriculum, we learn from life for life

Sakila sharing “Since we started with OL, I was trying to give exposure to @pavan with different prompts. He would get interested for a couple of days and then it fades away. Last week I ran out of prompts that would excite him and so settled to let him explore by himself. He was inspired by the house miniature workshop, but he wanted to do it by himself. He was high in energy working on a big house and he plans to continue this week too. A couple of weeks back he developed an astronomy monopoly game which he plays with his grandfather. Apart from these, he was also doing kenken puzzle and sudoku, singing(Carnatic from his music class and the continental drift song), listening to my observation, dancing(he is really shy to dance in public though) for the songs he did during his school days. He has been continuously asking me to register on the monster math website to practice 3rd-grade math. I got to do it today and also explore other available online math platforms too. He started answering “why” questions sometimes. The most exciting one for me from him was when he answered that leaves have veins/nerves in them to avoid from drooping. He also reads as he wakes up in the morning on the bed itself”.