100 questions!


Write 100 questions about any topic…this brings shiver or also an apprehension at the back of the mind. When we started writing 100 questions about our next outstation trip with theme of water, we also began with the same shiver or statement ‘its difficult’.

Well, we listed the way we can make questions

  1. We can start questioning starting with – why, how, where, which, if, do, what else, where else, where
  2. We also listed the words we can ponder over – sun, water, land, people, food, culture, weather
  3. Now we also pondered how can we combine two topics ( we call it synthesis) – what is the relation between sand and sun, land and food,

When we made various combinations with above list, we reached beyond 100! And that’s where we began our journey of out next outstation trip to Rameshwaram / Mandappam.