#10 Unlimited Ways – Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning

Series of #21 benefits of #OpenLearning
#10 – Unlimited Ways

There many ways one can learn and we don’t need to bind our children with one way of learning.

Open Learning allows exploring those unlimited ways

Bindhu, sharing her experience of writing the first chapter of a story with her 10yrs old daughter ” We first randomly picked a set of books from our bookshelves. Each of us picked 2-3 books and set out to read ONLY chapter 1 and then share observations. Reading only chapter 1 was a completely new way of reading the books. We paid special attention to how the characters were brought in, the setting, the character sketch, the location in which the story started off, and how the chapter ended with a hook for the reader to continue reading the next chapter. We then did a deep dive into character sketches and got ideas on how different books did them. After this, we brainstormed on the storyboard. We had varying different and creative ideas. There were a lot of animated discussions where each one of us tried to put in our element of the story. Then the challenge was to include the ideas and come up with a thread that made sense. Then wrote a rough draft of the storyline, just wrote and wrote continuously without paying attention to the correctness of grammar, tense or spelling. We then analyzed the story and got some feedback and then wrote a next version that included the feedback, tied some loose ends, corrected the grammar, and added more description.