10 minutes MORE!!!


Let me do this for 10 more minutes, 10 more, just five minutes more….does this sounds familiar? Often we respond in many different ways – threats are some of them (If you do not come now, we will leave you here), or negotiations are some (only five more minutes, no more. OR attack on the personalities (you do this always), OR emotional (you only want to play and have no concerns for time)

Well, watch this video for one more way to respond. The video is only 5 minutes long, but when you listen this may look longer or too much to talk….

Before we watched this video at campus, we did a small role play – each one was child and parent both and shared how will they respond. After we watched video we all shared our thoughts. Most kids were happy to know alternate ways of communicating…One of them did not like that a bit of threat was used (when food was related to death).

Often we and kids too feel that there is only one way of communicating and we get so much caught up with that way that, it becomes difficult to come out.

Watch the video