What is Aarohi?

The video above (made by a child of Aarohi) gives you a snapshot of what aarohi is. But like any overview - it only captures some aspects - the more you explore this website - the more you will discover what aarohi is - bon voyage.

Aarohi is a community of self directed learners - Children who decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn, when they want to learn and who use self assessment.

We do not follow any philosophy, we follow the child.

Aarohi offers an open learning environment at at its Campus set in a village near Hosur in Tamil Nadu (55km from Bangalore).

Aarohi works from June to April with community members ranging from 0 to 99 year old.

Start your exploration here & do visit O-Campus

Aarohi is ideal if:

~ You and your child are looking for a totally child driven open learning experience OR
~ Your child is not "fitting in" with the mainstream OR
~ You and your family is looking for a community of people who believe in alternative and deeply meaningful education.

Aarohi provides:

  • Wide exposures to children - especially via interaction with multitude of people and places
  • All kinds of resources for each child to be able to pursue own interests
  • Sensitive and supportive facilitation and guidance as per the child’s needs
  • A Democratic setup that allows a child to learn in an environment of freedom with responsibility
  • A safe yet stimulating campus life that is challenging yet endearing and inviting.