Volunteers & Resource People

Volunteers of Aarohi come to aarohi - frequently - not only to add immense value to children's learning but to also bring a variety in experiences and expertise. Alternatively children may also go to them to apprentice, experience and learn something that the anyone has expertise in. Sometimes these volunteers or resource people come when a child has any specific need or sometimes we invite different mentors to give exposure of various contents through experts or passionate people.

At Aarohi, we believe each individual is a wonderful story and aarohi children benefit by getting exposed to each person's story. Children love to interact, engage, work with and learn different things from each individual who m they come in contact with.

We invite you too to be part of learning community at Aarohi. You can be from any part of the world, geographical boundaries does not make any difference (we can use hangouts and skypes).

You can plan sharing any skill with children, You can plan to come with your children - so they also get exposed to other children / adults / environment. You can come for one or few or many days. Kids can exchange ideas, skills and interact more in different ways.

This is an ever growing list of volunteers - and dear reader - if you would like to be part of this - do contact us.

Few examples below