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O-Campus is in a village near Kelamangalam town, near Hosur city (20km) in Tamil Nadu - approx 60km from Bangalore City station and 100km from Bangalore Airport; About 300km from Chennai, 130km from Salem and 75km from Dharmapuri.


You may like to visit Aarohi O-campus:

  • To know about aarohi learning community, to understand Aarohi's working, to experience Aarohi's way of life at O campus.
  • If you are a parent interested in admission - then apart from #1 - To observe typical day / week at Aarohi and interact with children and facilitators.
  • If you are homeschooling or unschooling, you may like to visit and stay at campus for one or more weeks with your child. See experiencing aarohi for more details.
  • To know about the campus - specially if you wanting to donate something or looking to do a project at the campus.
  • To work, do and learn at the campus - make something, do some land work, do some shramdam in any ongoing project :), explore any concept, skill, idea etc
  • Aarohi is a D-O-I-N-G space and hence the best way to know Aarohi is DO things when you are here. You can do many things - join any child or do something of your own - play drums, make craft, cook, make things, gardening, paint, ... the list is endless. IMportant is you realise that Aarohi consistently invests in creating and doing and learning environment - and we expect visitors to value add to it.
  • Please see the visiting O campus presentation for all details.


Please plan your few hours / few days visit during weekdays (Mon-Thus).

Weekends are not preferred for visits as those are our off days. 

Do check our calendar to ensure that you do not land up when we are off on holiday or an outstation trip.

Do inform us atleast a day in advance.

Important if you coming for a stay over visit that you see presentation on Visiting O Campus page

See How to reach O Campus page for logistics

Please call Ratnesh on 98450-45833 or Aditi on 98867-24518 or at Campus mobile 89037-83892 for further questions regarding your visit.


Here is a poem by Mini one of Aarohi ex-facilitator - who penned this when she visited Aarohi recently:

Hats off!

The train from carmelaram

Leaving behind the hustle bustle

Filling the air with vala vala


The chivalry surprising and embarrassing

in my world of equality

a gentleman offering seat


The tomato rice

Pushed out of the big steel container

20 rupees 4 idli-sambar


The train chugged into kelamangalam

Eyes and feet looking for platform

And I jumped! Omg I just did that!


The “malgudi days” platform

Station master, me and 1,2,3

Sighting nothingness


The Baba jaan auto arrived

Beginning a journey on unche neeche raaste

Passing cows,mud houses, tuck shops


The O-campus, khul ja thaala

miss maria of sound of music opens gate to rustic wildness

rock, grass, mud, stones


The waving by back to the future ratnesh

nostalgic back drop ocean, ocean animals, moon, stars, sun, red, blue, yellow

the children and Aditi.


The smile appeared from nowhere

A warm hug from aditi confirming all is for real

Continuing to smile and smile


The kitchen,pongal, soapnut, circle time

Restrooms, umbra, penumbra, bunk slabs

Books, science lab, pets, solar panels


The sky, alive rocky hill, fence, dead forest fire

William wordsworth, here is the time to stand and stare

As far as sheep or cows


The tree house, swings

Little trees, kitchen garden raring to go

Sewage weeds standing with pride


The African drums, kabir

Bollywood parody, rap, folk songs

Elllelo ellelo elle elle ellelo


The talk with relaxed, kannada ratnesh

Life at o-campus, structures, recycled doors-windows-roof and ttt

Energetic aditi


The introspecting journey back

A thatched roof geniekids to a bigger version O-campus

Enriched !  Life is simple !

By Mini Menon