Reflection and Self Assessment

Rude Responses

Bad News - Teasing and Rude responses.

Good News - Teasing and Rude responses.

Well, the helpmates brought an opportunity to express “a lot of teasing happening, for smallest of the question there is rude response and the communication lacking compassion”. Thank you Lakshmi for bringing this up.


Some said

May be freedom to express makes one carefree

May be needs more challenges

May be not aware that there is a problem (teasing or rudeness is fine)

Brakes and Accelerators

Open learning brings an opportunity to be AWARE of self.

As we travel the journey of learning we realize that there are some things which accelerates the process, while some puts brakes in our journey. Weekly theme on brakes and accelerator brought the awareness on what can brakes and accelerator play a role in my learning journey.

Reflection to GROW and GLOW

Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”

But REFLECTING to understand why and how I want to do. What makes me work and what stops me from my work … here are some reflections

Learning by Reflection

We have no concept of holidays at Aarohi  - we live and learn all the days of the year! Our places changes - campus, home, travel etc. Each term break brings an opportunity to reflect - detailed discussion with each family and this add value to the whole Aarohi community, and the whole process gives each one of us a chance to grow and bring clarity.

Working Mom!

Someone asked, "any working parents homeschooling their kids?" For all practical purposes, I have always been working mother! and our kids have "working parents". Here is about me as working mom!

My Journey - Yashas

Showing interest in football, construction, athletics, wall climbing, rock climbing, sessions conducting, water sports, few childhood games, art, electrical, business, bird watching, and gardening. An active, hardworking, organized, inspiring child who likes beauty in work and things and understand feedback. Showing interest in painting, construction, sports, adventure, photography, theatre and electronics. He likes to do work and good hand and body skills

Strengths and Weakness

Strengths and Weaknesses are like Hero and the Villan of a movie. The hero in the movie is always nice and full of goodies while the Villan in any movie is always bad and ugly. None wants to be Villan but all aspire to be Villan!

Think to Observe!

We observe thing around us, what about observing inside us!

Observing my thoughts, my feeling, my actions, my needs, my wants ... just observe. No need to analyse what am I observing.


Who are we?

Who are we? - Are we parents or caretakers or teachers or just adults? Who are we as facilitators? What are facilitators? What is facilitation? We need feedback for our growth, we need to reflect on the roles we play.

Who Am I ?

“Who AM I?” Am I not many things - Am I a child only? Who is a child? Does the word ‘child’ sounds like someone who is helpless, does not know much or not capable? But when I see a painter inside me or a carpenter or a scientist - does that makes me someone different? Does that allow me to be me rather than just a child?
Yes, we reflected in our week and explored what all we were? The realization that we were many just in one week brought us closer to our own confidence.


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