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“A day in Auroville! For the list you have, you need weeks”.

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Community Jaatre - Reflection

Community Jaatre... imagine a group of families coming together to explore various aspects of open learning on a sunny and cloudy Sunday morning. Reflection is an integral part of our open learning journey, so we decided to understand it more. All ages participated to understand REFLECTION.


WHY Reflection

We began with a game - find as many (english) words within these words - Dictionary, Intelligent, Aluminium, Denominator, Furnishing, Moderate, Reduction, Satisfactory, Unbalanced.

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She likes Bhajans

There is spark in her eyes when she talks about Bhajan

She gets engrossed when she listen to Bhajans

She sings along
She likes religion
She likes to read about Religion, about Gurus and Gods

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Gap year to Discover self


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