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Online business or e-commerce with Fatima and Shoaib. They shared their story of getting into e-business, their life and their learnings.

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Music with Roopak

Satisfactory music week with Roopak, was enough to kindle musical chords of some of us. Some us of like music, but may be not giving enough thought or time or attention. The presence of Roopak at campus for a week began with drumming course. Few interested in drumming began with the course and willingness to commit. An hour session on music with him busted many myths about music and soon some more people got interested in Guitar and playing keyboard.

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Science or Scientific thinking?

Scientific thinking is not limited to science and knowledge and it's beautiful!

Scientific thinking is not limited to studying to science (physics, chemistry and biology)

Scientific thinking is also not limited to me being “good or bad” in science.

Scientific thinking is a process, which is not about knowledge but about a skill, a way to think.

Stimulation in the beginning of the week with wondering, pondering, playing with balloons..

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No means No

Often safety is looked from “fear” window or from a “rule” perspective. A session with Esha on personal safety threw some light on clear communication and the process of making safer decision. Esha works on personal safety with girls in Gujrat, the session brought an opportunity to make this topics even more open and sensitive.

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Magic of Gratitude

A day workshop to experience the magic of Gratitude with the team from SSY / RSVK pune

“I am sorry, Thank you” have becomes some etiquettes for some of us. But, it's not only about saying “sorry” or “thank you” but understanding what and why we hold forgiveness, what is gratitude or rather understanding what makes one grateful. The workshop began with questioning, What is happiness? What makes one happy? What is the role relationship in one's life?

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A visit to making of playground

We play in playgrounds, but experience of working with people who create the playground was an humble experience. An opportunity to experience, creating a physical outdoor playspace - How a playground can be created, How one can design, How one can implement, How one skill can open up the doors of opportunity and how one can work in a highly professional environment.

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A day with a writer

Vineeta, a homeschooling mom, shared her experience of co-writing a book - book with stories of parents, children and teachers.

We began other pondering "What is creative writing"? - Thinking, imagination, adding jazz, metaphors, using huge words, etc. 

Next was "What writing is called when you don't use creativity? – text books, copy whatever on the board,

A writer writes differently - where does their writing come from? Where does the motivation come from? - Creating future ( in our stories), personal experiences.

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Outdoor Visit to PFA

Our Purpose: We Love animals and we wanted to know more  about them and we decided to visit People for Animals.
 We started our d
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Bhoomi College

16 adult students of Bhoomi College, students of Holistic Education programme joined Aarohi for a day to explore the open learning. People from various backgrounds - software engineer, human resource, corporate world, finance, PhD in Physics, Engineering graduate, IT professionals - degrees did not meant for them, they are starting the journey again with questioning the concept called "education".

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Living with a Teacher

Who are our teachers?

The world is our teacher - anyone who is passionate about any kind of learning becomes our teacher. Living together with them not only bring exposure to learning but also bring an opportunity to explore various facet of the life.

Iban from Spain, who works in a train fabrication factory came for a week to volunteer at Aarohi and to explore the culture of India.

He shared his skills of football - got involved in playing/ coaching football with the children.

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