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Turtle walk

Turtle walk at Chennai stimulated many thoughts in me about conservation, interaction with animals and the life! There was something special about the volunteers I met at the beach - one of them doing for last 22 years and still doing every weekends for five months. He was as inspiration for me to walk the whole night and finally witnessing that hatchling walking towards the sea into unknown.

Here is what we could not witness but I imagined at the beach - I wish safe journey for the hatchling we released in the sea.

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The world of NEWS

We all read news, or at least know about news  - news paper, social media, TV etc are the various mediums which allows us to know what is happening around.

A session with Rajesh to understand the world of news, newspaper and reporters. It began with “What is News?  When dog bites a man, it is not a news, but when the man bites a dog, its news!”  

We further pondered over - What kind of news do you follow? - Sports, Movie, Gaming, Creation, Crafting, automobile, Natural disasters, events, etc.

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Healing with Zenona

“Body is self correcting - it heals by itself” this was one of the learning

Just the possibilities that there are many ways of healing ourselves - Illahi, Reiki, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Flower therapy, Unani, Pranic, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathic, Yoga, Sound, Aroma, Hydro, Angel therapy,  Fish…


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Paolo from Peru

The thought of OPEN TO ALL, brings people from all walks of life to Aarohi - Each space is different yet so same. Each person is same, yet so different.  Paolo, 43yrs, a graphic designer, from Peru, worked in advertising agencies as an art director and creativity, a teacher of advertising and graphic design, an actor, acted in TV series, theatre play, and movies in Perú. Also worked as a hotel manager in Cusco... and finally reached Aarohi to explore self, and India.

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Toy Designing

We all see toys around us, - ever wondered how are they designed? At Aarohi we got an opportunity to design toys for a cause. And this brought an opportunity to understand the design process.

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Entrepreneurship for Happiness!

Jaatre with Ishani to facilitate a process where children can convert their true callings and deepest passion into a business. Sometimes, a child’s most weird habit can translate into a profession. For instance, if a child loves to crack jokes, we can have that child exploring stand-up comedy.

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Online business or e-commerce with Fatima and Shoaib. They shared their story of getting into e-business, their life and their learnings.

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Music with Roopak

Satisfactory music week with Roopak, was enough to kindle musical chords of some of us. Some us of like music, but may be not giving enough thought or time or attention. The presence of Roopak at campus for a week began with drumming course. Few interested in drumming began with the course and willingness to commit. An hour session on music with him busted many myths about music and soon some more people got interested in Guitar and playing keyboard.

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Science or Scientific thinking?

Scientific thinking is not limited to science and knowledge and it's beautiful!

Scientific thinking is not limited to studying to science (physics, chemistry and biology)

Scientific thinking is also not limited to me being “good or bad” in science.

Scientific thinking is a process, which is not about knowledge but about a skill, a way to think.

Stimulation in the beginning of the week with wondering, pondering, playing with balloons..

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No means No

Often safety is looked from “fear” window or from a “rule” perspective. A session with Esha on personal safety threw some light on clear communication and the process of making safer decision. Esha works on personal safety with girls in Gujrat, the session brought an opportunity to make this topics even more open and sensitive.

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