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Capoeria Jaatre

Everytime I feel I have learnt a lot, someone shares something new new journey starts.

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A week at Aarohi

One week at Aarohi is a lot to do and lot to experience. Someone visiting Aarohi said, “my days have doubled here, I realized I have much more time than I think”. We learn from each guest as they bring a different learning experience and inspire with their story and passion. The idea is simple. We believe that education is all about interacting and learning from others - how you are making a difference. We at Aarohi are always excited when people are willing to share their SKILLS with at the community.

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Gas Turbine with Kowshik

Often asked...who are the teachers in open learning? How do they learn?  We learn, not by teachers but by the people in the industry. We always don't learn only when we have needs. We learn whatever comes on our way as we are not chasing any curriculum or defined time or outcome. We learn without any curriculum as everything is the curriculum of life.

A session on gas turbine engines with Kowshik, an engineer, working on designing, gas turbine power plants. What is an engine? Where do all we use them? Why gas turbine?

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Malwa Kabir Yatra

A humbling experience of living music and Kabir with various musicians, singers and Kabir lovers in Malwa Kabir Yatra.

We traveled to various places - village or city it was no different as it was Kabir and music. We heard music in various places - open grounds, fields or auditorium, it was no different as it was Kabir and music. We were taken care no matter who we were - fakir or celebrity all were invited and welcomed as it was Kabir and music. We lived together, traveled together and submerged in Kabir and music.

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IDEC- Logo

Inspiration from
Few words - democracy, peace, world, education, diversity,
Few designs by kids - Earth and people around, earth and tree around
Warli painting - lifestyle, representing democracy
Colour Palette - colors of India, culture, visual identity of mud walls, colorful costumes,
Peacock feathers and
Golden Ratio - Inner and outer circle (5:8)

All mixed together became the story behind the final logo of IDEC 2018.
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Film Making with Ally

She is 14yrs old, she has just finished a filmmaking course, she wanted to share her learnings with us at Aarohi. She prepared a presentation on filmmaking and she took a session with us. She also worked on making a film with some of us. It was great having her at Aarohi. We had a wonderful session with her on filmmaking. As she shared "Filmmaking is just not picking camera and shooting...it's an art. It requires a lot of detailing, preparation and understanding". She inspired us with her story, her passion. 

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Community Satsang

SatSang - As we explored the meaning (like-minded people coming together) or Company of good (sat) people! Thank you, Anita, Kamaraj, Chetan, Prapulla and Mr. Bashu for this wonderful day. The place (Dega farm) is a peaceful place which brought a natural peace to the whole process. The delicious food, love, and care of our host brought joy in the whole process. We together pondered.

What is life education?
Can education teach us about life?

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Carpentry with Murali

Carpentry with Murali...He creates wonder with coconut shells. He came to the campus to share his skills, joy and connection with coconut shells. He patiently guided each child who wanted to create with coconut shells. He shared the usages of various carpentry tools with passion and enthusiasm.

He says "it's not important what you do, but how you do is more important. Today it is carpentry, tomorrow it may be harvesting. Pluck that bean with mindfulness, not because the plant will feel nice, but because you will connect with yourself". 

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Learning Exchange - Russia

14 adults from Russia to understand learning/ unlearning, visited Aarohi. They stayed for a week to experience Aarohi. They were on their learning journey to India. Each one brought a different energy - While we continued with our life at the campus, they became part of us. Some joined us, some held themselves while some shared their learning with us. Some took sessions with us, while some joined in our sessions.

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We do Yoga. We do breathing. We have Yogasana in our environment. But when we hear more from the people who practice it daily and with devotion, it gives us a different perspective, sometimes reinforces, sometimes gives us direction. A session with Vikas from Isha Yoga was no different. 

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