Learning by Expressing (talk / write / draw)

why me?

Do you listen from your children "why me?" Why are you only telling me? You hate me? You always think I am bad?

Know Neighbourhood

Where does our food comes from?
Where does our resources comes from?
Where does our tools comes from?

We went out into the neighbourhood, seeking information about the market and suppliers - visited bakery, vegetable market hardware shops, utensil market, grocery shop, petrol pump...the visit included knowing about them, knowing the route to those shops, being there, interacting, buying, negotiating, understanding rates and exploring "where does our supplies comes from".

Letter to Mom

The joy of writing a letter to mother. We received a kit from "Battees", Delhi based organization run by Shivani and Harnehmat. The kit is designed to encourage writing letters. This brought an opportunity to pause and think about one person in our lives and connect through a letter.

All ages participated with joy to write a letter to their mother. 

Thank you Shivani for sharing this with us.



Food is very talked about topic - how much to eat, what to eat, eat for growing bodies, eat this food and avoid this food.

Wardha Students

A group of 25 young adults from Wardha, who are learning to be teachers ( part of B. Ed/ M.

Me - We Documentation

This week it was about exploring creativity through - Visualization, Collection, and Constraints. Many of us are very much familiar with ‘constarinst’ (we experience many at the campus). But it was difficult to find the difference between thinking and visualization. And also to collect out of the box (as one of the children expressed). 
We decided to explore it together - often we document our weekly journey individually - this brought an opportunity to do it together and we named it “WE” documentation.

Music in Gandhi.

One child decided to have 'Gandhi' theme in the music session. We have been having themes like colours, war, nature, festival, language etc as our themes for our music sessions but Gandhi theme felt very unusual. But this child was very clear of this theme.

Visualize to Learn

Jatre on visualization was to introduce kids to this tool. 

Lets help kids to get used to this wonderful tool. At the end of this note are some link to resources for parents/ facilitator.

The session began with pondering
What is visualization?
How it is different from seeing?
How is it diffierent from dreaming?

It is special imagination - in visual form.
In visualisation you visualize in details.

Just a minute FEAR

Jam just a minute - pick a topic and speak for a minute.

Topic was "my fears". 
We all have fear. But we don't talk about our fear much. We just spoke for a minute and that's all. None have a any suggestions to deal with it, none was looking for any solutions. We just came closer to our fears to embrace them, to accept them.

Tic Tac Toe

We all play games - we at Aarohi also use games to reflect and add value in our learning journey.

We played Tic-Tac-Toe in many different forms. We used the game to explore various skills we used the various works we did, what all we need to develop and what all we already have. The exercise was to get the vocabulary of various skills, explore that for to achieve anything we have certain skills, and we need to develop certain skills.  

 Some expressions


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