Learning by Expressing (talk / write / draw)

Making of an audio story

We learned how to make quilt. We found  a story book in the library about a quilt maker. We used the script from the book to make our own audio story. We rehearsed, we recorded and finally edited … here is also the story of making of the audio story.

Democracy - Decisions

Good news - Campus phone got lost. Concern of not loosing but the usage and question of care came up very significantly. Few kids have personal phone, some more planning to get - concern of phone becoming part of basic survival hence each one thinking or required to own one.

Team voice brought the opportunity for the community to come together and share option and reach to a conclusion.

Eaxh voice/ opinion was important. Few proposals/ ideas 

Sexuality and Sex Education

Session on Sexuality and sex education started the journey of looking at the topic from a different perspective.
What are porn video? How to understand your responsibility? How do we look at relationship? How do we understand basic needs of growing body? What all myths do we carry?

Judgements and inner surface

Teen age brings excitement as well as confusion. A little listening, a little awareness, a little  understanding and that’s all to bring joy in this process of growing up. Teen club - exploring judgements and inner surface

Are we into the habit of judging too soon? Based on appearance (cool or dumb), based on the choices (modern or backward), based on interests (silly or smart) … sometimes we get disappointed (how can that person do that, that person looks very …)

Kids also judge each other

Teens also do that

Tree of Life

I am standing in front of you because of the books I read, places I visited, people I got inspired from, movies I saw and experiences I had…..

Do you think you life experiences have shaped who you are today?

Tree of life is a tool to help one to look at past, present and future. It  helps to understand and connect with self deeper.This week in Teens Club we used this tool to get in touch with our self. The tool uses the metaphor of a tree to see our life. Helps us also use our creativity to express our self.

Books and Reading - A child says

Why Read books - a view point from a child's point of view - all thoughts written by a 13yr old child.

“ The most important thing we’ve learned, So far as children are concerned, Is never, NEVER, NEVER let Them near your television set -Or better still, just don’t install The idiotic thing at all.

Book sharing

How do we expand our choices? By sharing our choices with others in  the community! Book sharing, all of us (irrespective of the age) shared about book/s in closing circle on Friday to enjoy the world of books. 

How do Facilitator Grow?

How do facilitators grow?

learning from various people and experiences. Each Wednesday sharing circle for us to grow by reading related to parenting, growing or just adding value. Each week one of us bring any topic and conduit a training circle for all the facilitators (kids invited too!)


Celebrating Writing!

Writing is often associated with “correct” grammar and good handwriting...and often kids think/feel that they are not good in either of them, hence not writing. Ever wondered what goes wrong in appreciating beauty of writing?

Celebrating WRITING at Aarohi...writing expressions, writing notices, writing journal, taking notes...just write.

Team Voice - Harmony

TEAM VOICE  – A space and opportunity to understand the working of various teams and take decisions collectively. This week the teams shared teams facing various issues and needed community’s  understanding and participation.


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