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Maths Circle

Jatre at Aarohi means “Celebration of learning”. Each day we celebrate by bringing a new learning exposure. It ranges from knowing about deep sea diving to mathematical calculations. And any age can bring this Jatre.

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Mindfullness is the themes of the week..a session on Mindfulness to bring awareness about awareness!

One can call it awareness or way of living. Awareness and knowing what are you thinkjng, what are you feeling, what are you doing now! Mind works like a search light...focusing on one thing at a time and keeps shifting it's attention from one thought to another. Mind is constantly selecting and rejecting.. When it selects it automatically rejects (not choosing)... sometimes choosing pleasant sometimes not pleasant.

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It began with a question “can there be higher degree of autonomy?

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Making of Acropolis Hut

Can a campus Teach? Yes, We believe a campus can be the very lap of learning 

if it is conceived and developed just as mother nature;
if it offers constraints to children which make them think, do, learn, and live differently 

The Architectural Design of the campus is based on these three guiding principles:

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Joy of learning with all ages

Different ages - Different skills and the joy is learning from each other - from different ages.

7yrs old Advay was not too small to set up a learning stall to teach "how to cut wood using a saw".

9yrs old Prapulla was not too shy to set up a learning stall to teach story making.

47yrs old Ratnesh was not too old to teach drum beats

12yr old Chetan has just learned the magic trick from Seenappa, and he was not too apprehensive to conduct a magic session in the learning Mela

14yr old Dhurupad was not too out of place to teach us Juggling 

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Joy of continuous learning - Week 4 - summer 2018

The fourth week of summer began with parents and kids joining with a constraint that kids are not kids and parents are not parents but all are equal. The equality is not easy but the week began with experiencing the life in a space where all are equal and all needed to speak for themselves be it food or bedding or work on their interest.

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Story of Trampoline

The joy was planning a whole day trip to buy Trampoline
The joy was in assembling by self
The joy was in understanding its component
The joy was in debating and arguing in assembling the Trampoline
The joy was in installing
The joy was in understanding the do's and dont's of care
The joy was in the whole process.

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Experiencing life at Aarohi

Vishruthi, a mother of 2-1/2 yr old boy, a passionate RJ by profession visited Aarohi during summer - sharing her experience. 

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Empowerment means “I am able”. We believe we all require self-reflection to truly understand our potential. Introduced S.P.A.C.E. framework as a way to explore self. We did this with small activities for each element of SPACE. Realise that “I am the only one who will stay with myself the whole life”, realise how important it is to know what kind of SPACE I am creating for myself inside me.


S for Self - What do believe about SELF? I can or can't? IN every endeavor let me observe my thoughts about myself and my capabilities.

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