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Gifts !

GIFT  was the theme of the week - We receive and give gift to self and others in various forms like physical, verbal, act, written, environment (things, nature, people happening, events), time and opportunity but this week was the opportunity to pause and reflect on the gifts we give and get

Gift of support

Gift of wish

Gift of a wish from the star

Gift of a hug

Gift of strengths

Gift of the body

Gift of sharing

Gift of receiving

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Surfing at Mulki

The sea was sea 
First day I thought it was just a sea.
Second day  thought it was rough.
Third day I thought it was gentle.
But the sea was sea all the three days. 
I got to know it's not always about the sea.
It is and about my understanding about the sea.
It was also about my ease with my surfing board
It was also about my own apprehension with the board and the water.
It was also about my understanding.
The sea was sea all the three days.

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Learning Zones

If I do what I already know I stay in my comfort zone. If I do something more, or new, I step into challenge zone - then I learn, I grow. This week explored various zones and how to use them for our growth.


First it was about  understanding about zones - some said comfort zone is “easy-peezy” zone, challenging zone was “exciting” zone and frustration zone was giving up zone.

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The Key to FREEDOM

We were writing expressions, I asked the group to write complete sentences rather just few words and skipping the grammar. One child expressed "14 yrs in schools and teachers have made it boring for me'.  I asked the child, "while the teachers made it boring for you, what did you do to make it interesting"? and "what were your parents doing to understand you and your needs of making it fun?
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Are you Listening?


The theme of the week was “listening”. We all hear and listen. Is there any difference between listening and hearing? And how about Listen to build relationships, to understand others, to able to understand what is spoken, to learn about a topic, to get information to tickle, to stimulate, to create, ...

Listening is not only hearing. Active listening is not same as listening. We explored three components of Active Listening - Connect, Clarify and Expand.

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What is in Landscape?

We live in apartments, we live in homes, we move around in malls, and office buildings, we walk on paths, we run on grass, we play in parks...ever wondered how are they designed?

What all is in building? Who all are architect ? What is the role of an architect? What is landscape architecture? Is dessert a landscape?


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Vasudaika Kutumbam

A letter by a Father on community living
You are in a community living with 20+ others. I trust that your life is getting redefined in Aarohi and what you will learn there will redefine your life for a long time.
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Imagine when you get up in the morning you see a map on our mirror - a map of habits of mind. You randomly choose one of those, say perseverance.

Now whatever happens during the day, in your life you focus on perseverance.

  • You voice your thoughts aloud, "I wish I was more perseverant with the bargaining at the shop"

  • You invite thoughts via questions, "What would happen if Chota Bheem was not so perseverant in fighting with the dragon?"

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My Journey - Self Directed Learning

As of today I am 20 years old. I am a Artist, Facilitator, Earth activist and self directed learner. I am going to share my journey as a self directed learner.

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Gratitude in abundance!

There was an announcement on mic “come and experience magical journey”. It was a gathering of more than 1000 people in LSUC, Bangalore. Some people joined - some of us knew each other just for last five days. But the experience was truly magical to see the energy of gratitude and appreciation flowing in the space. Every-time we do gratitude circle at Aarohi, our hearts are filled with gratitude for this magical journey. 

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