Learning by Doing and Experimenting

A spark

A little spark, A reason, A need - that’s all is about learning and living at Aarohi.

The occasion of Ayudha Puja was enough for us to make a show on our resources and understand ‘reverence’.  Each one shared one resource with stories and added drama. Stories of a Paint brush, Cello tape, Torch, Broom, Screwdriver, Cutter, Head torch,  Mug, Water bottle, Notebook, Shoe, and Drillbit came alive on Aarohi channel in show time in thought club.


Salt in Kitchen Chemistry

Salt and its magic in the magic of one. Observation, prediction and experimenting in our kitchen - Food with or without salt, Cooking with or without salt, Metal and salt, Oil and salt, Salt and its sources, Different kinds of salt, Salt in history - Just a pinch of salt in our day to explore thinking, pondering, experiencing and observing.   

Name Plates

We received few wooden strips. They looked perfect to make ‘nameplates’. We made few and others got excited to make more. Gift factory at Aarohi announced “nameplates for families”.  

For me making those nameplates was very easy. Neither it was new for me nor it was difficult. But it was interesting for me, so I started making.  Few kids joined, they made, they took help, they observed, they tried. Even then there are was nothing new for me.

My Interest - Term Planning

How do you discover yourself - its simple ‘bit by bit’! Each term we connect with our dreams, we make plans of what all we want to do, we connect with self ‘what desires we have’. While making term planning we often do not think or rather stop at ‘will I be able to do?’. Often it is ‘what all I feel like doing’.

As we start working during the term, we do miss our marks, we do change our planning, we do add more to our planning and we do leave things. But we still dream!


Rubrics to Assess

Self-assessment is an essential ingredient of learning journey at Aarohi.  We not only assess self, we also use various tools to assess.

Doing Different Ways

Exploring the same task in eight different ways.

One example - Looking at the tree in eight different ways - Count the leaves and understand the logic of the numbers, breathe, find other creatures of nature,  sing a song to the tree and so on...

Another example - Exploring Cricket in eight different ways  - read about people, visualize the drills, practice on the field, talk to people, find speed of the ball or running, understand the nature of equipment, and so on

Handle repair


A screw of the pressure cooker lid came out. He decided to fix it. He stayed with it for 25 minutes. Trying....Trying....Trying...and finally he got it. Watch the video

Imagine Aarohi, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life - for their life. Imagine  Aarohi which does not make the learning easy. Children like it challenging.

Cake and Occasion

No occasion, just a day.  It was enough for our team to make a cake. They got together to make a cake. They decided to make chocolate with coco powder, They did not find cream, no issue they made with milk cream, They did not get butter, they added oil. No maida, they made with wheat flour, They did not have their comfort of OTG or Microwave oven, they made in wood fired oven. nothing could stop them...they were on fire. 
Imagine  Aarohi which does not make the learning easy.

Term Planning

Imagine Aarohi where there is no teaching - because we believe that children can decide how they want to learn - on their own, with each other and from various resources, etc.

Hmmm... this sounds skeptical as many of us believe that one can learn only when one is taught. At Aarohi we look at learning differently. We believe one can learn, what one wants to learn, all they need are the various tools which can EM’power them. And once they realized their inner strengths they become life long learners.

Learning in small things

From a mother's diary - our neighbor's son and my son (Advay) are both 6-year-olds and are very good friends. They play together a lot. 2 days back, Advay came back home inspired to do the same home work that his friend was given at his school: to create "Indian flag". He first created the flag post by rolling newspaper.


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