Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Gift Factory

Gifting is beautiful! At Aarohi, we began with the need of gifting for our volunteers. Gift factory was born to cater to the needs. We started exploring handmade gifts, gifts which can be given to travelers (most of our volunteers are the traveler with tight spaces). 
The need of giving created space for us to explore making and make the connection with people. 
Inspired by the concept of “Dariya Dil Dukan” we extend to the sharing gifts which we made. The community came together to share handmade gifts. 

Determination has no age limits

A Child came from Chennai with his mother to spend a week at Aarohi.

This week there were no kids of his age at the campus. We did not ask him to do anything, he did not ask us to teach anything.


Power of WE

Active WE at Aarohi bring us together and we experience the power of WE...making flooring for our courtyard to make usable flooring space or to collect plastic or clean tamarind of our yearly supply or repair our sports ground or re-organize our library space.

Dream of learning Community

There is mathematics in each leaf I collect,
There is science in each drum beat I play,
There is music in each word I read,
There is geography in each time it rains,
There is history in each time I watch a video,
There is learning all around us. 
We often do not talk maths, we do not wonder science, we do not talk music, we do not eat weather, we do not ponder about self.
To bring learning in many different forms as we live and to experience through different mediums we bring different exposures -

Testing and DOING

One of the thing we workship is 'DOING' at Aarohi - we call it TESTING. We engage ourselves in doing something at the campus which leads to testing by usages. Each child is engaged in making something at the campus.


Determination has no age limits
 Two 5 years old determined to make a tent for themselves.
Two 45 years old determined to make Borewell water motor working
 In their own way creating a determined learning environment at Aarohi. 
Imagine  a learning community for children (and adults) where there is no curriculum - because we believe that children can decide what they want to learn, how much they want to learn.

Black Hole

Working with a desire to create another working space at the campus. A hole was dug to make mud house. to house our tools, we planned a roof -on that hole to make some more working space. Kids named it blackhole. Stanzin from Swaraj who likes working with mud took up this project to give some shape. Few joined hands, few observed, few gave ideas and we saw a working space coming from nowhere with all the material all around us.   


Chemistry in use

My introduction to glass was in my chemistry class - I learned what is glass (silica), how it is made (high temperature melting in a kiln). I used glass in my day to life (cutlery, building, vehicles etc).  But when it came to cutting the glass during one of the projects at Aarohi, I operated from the belief that this is a tough material, cannot be cut by hands, it needs high-temperature kiln or glass cutting machine. Recently when Stanzin from Swaraj visited Aarohi, he offered to teach us to cut glass.

Forest Fire and Presentation

Two kids working on Forest fire presentation as part of campus training. They knew all about the forest fire, they had experienced it few times, and they also had gone through the training. New for them was making of  presentation, which involved compiling of all the information and experience they had in presentable form.  

It was an experience in itself - dreaming, sharing, working, debating, and learning.



How much?

One question - How much money to carry to travel?
This began with a  need to know how much money to carry while traveling by train with a group? Initially, each one came up with - 1000, 200, 400, 200o and so on. Then we broke our journey  - How much do we pay for the cab? How many tickets? How much is one ticket? How many times do we travel?


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