Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Learning in small things

From a mother's diary - our neighbor's son and my son (Advay) are both 6-year-olds and are very good friends. They play together a lot. 2 days back, Advay came back home inspired to do the same home work that his friend was given at his school: to create "Indian flag". He first created the flag post by rolling newspaper.

Painting collection

"I want to paint" was the desire. She was advised to just START and rest will follow. No guidance, no art lessons...she just started.

Imagine Aarohi where there is no teaching - because we believe that children can decide how they want to learn - on their own, with each other and from various resources, etc. We are there to guide them, where they need us.

Our Hero

Everybody loves a hero. You see, even if he gets left behind on Mars all by himself (referring to the movie ‘Martian’), he is unfazed, undeterred, unaffected, and unbeatable. He, to somebody ‘old’ like me, looks so unreal and un-human.

But, everybody loves a hero. So, let us keep our skepticism aside, and see how we can convert this popularity into what we would call educational or teaching advantage.

Energy of Active WE

Each day we spend time outdoors and we call it Active ME - bird watching, gardening, farming, playing sports, climbing trees, chasing butterflies or just simply trekking.

Once in two weeks Active WE bring all of us together. This time we made mud wall of our upcoming sports cabin. We also spent time in our kitchen garden exploring drip irrigation.

There is something in the power of WE. There is ENERGY and we LOVE it!


Jatre - Fixing Electrical Box

After Jatre on understanding electricity, it looked easy to install plugs in our laptop stations. Pulling wires led to pulling down all the existing casing and capping :(. 

Magic of One

One maths problem a day or one story a day or one map exploration a day for one minute...and magic happens in that one word, one calculations or one exploration.

And all this is related to life around us... the cost of support staff, the cost of food, distance from hometown, the distance we travel from our bed to kitchen, read one map, one story behind that phrase, one poetry reading, one song, one question ..just one a day.

We just explore ONE a day.

Tipity Tap - story of doing

Dream, Do, try, fail, again try, reflect, connect, do differently, do it again, fail again, take help, talk about it, share, get inspired and inspire others...these are some of the common vocabulry at Aarohi.  

Fitness Guides

Each day in the morning we have fitness on our schedule.


Workbench is a maker space - a dream place for anybody who is into making stuff and who would need tools, guidance and a contagious environment.

Making Teepee shower

It began with a need to have another bathing space. It continued with the dream of exploring the different material and different method to create. One of the visiting guests had introduced to us the concept of TeePee shower. One of the children liked the idea and all other things fell in place.


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