Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Wash basin

New dry toilet did not have wash basin :(. After using it we needed a place to wash our hands. We put the constraint to use “junk” material.

Jatre - Cyclone

Is there any difference between Cyclone, Typhoon and Hurricane? Do they change names with their nature or different countries? Where are cyclones formed? Why do they are born in Ocean? What is Tropic? Why cyclones formed only in Tropic oceans?  How does the difference if the temperature leads to Cyclone? What is the eye of cyclone? Why it is the calm part of the cyclone? Why eye keep moving? Why do cyclone die down or weakens near land? What is the mature stage of cyclone? What is the origin of cyclone?


Collection is another ingredient of creativity.  It is the raw material for the creative process. The more we collect, possibly the more we would have resources. Similarly a wide variety of collections helps creative thinking.

Ragi Harvesting

First crop harvest of the campus - It was different. For most of us, it was the first interaction with the farming and harvesting the crop by our hands. There were joy, excitement, and connection.  

Ever changing learner

Journey of a 12yrs old, who grew up with the love for vehicles. As a child of 4yrs old he would draw and draw jeeps and buses and trucks. He even started to save money to buy a bike when he would be 18urs old.  Soon he grew out of vehicles and started making sand castles. The play will go on with wars, enemy, bridges and strategies. As a child of 5yrs old he never sang nursery rhymes, nor wrote alphabets.  But he would spend a lot of time with books and insist us to read books daily for him.

Growing own food

No knowledge, no degrees, no education in growing our food. Yes! this is where we began our journey of kitchen garden. All we had was desire to grow.  We experimented, we failed many times, we read, we met people, we tried many things, we understood our land (soil), we visited places and continued to work. Each harvest is celebrated, every failure is also celebrated!

Cat's Home

Some kids at the campus during summer felt that the cats at the campus do not have the home. Kids of various ages got involved in making homes for cats using cartoon boxes. They watched vidoes on how to make cat homes reusing t-shirts and so on. Now that they had made the homes, they had put in efforts, they wanted cats to use those homes. When cats decided to not use those home, kids decided to lift them and put them in those homes. The creators will lift the cats and put them in homes while cats will reject and run away from those homes.

Jatre - Bus Donation

Art of asking in Jatre on Bus donation. 
We have a bus for our library, we need money for the bus. So what do we ask for? We explored the power of persuasion.
Add Pathos (emotions).
Add Logos (logic)
Add Ethos (credibility)

A spark

A little spark, A reason, A need - that’s all is about learning and living at Aarohi.

The occasion of Ayudha Puja was enough for us to make a show on our resources and understand ‘reverence’.  Each one shared one resource with stories and added drama. Stories of a Paint brush, Cello tape, Torch, Broom, Screwdriver, Cutter, Head torch,  Mug, Water bottle, Notebook, Shoe, and Drillbit came alive on Aarohi channel in show time in thought club.


Salt in Kitchen Chemistry

Salt and its magic in the magic of one. Observation, prediction and experimenting in our kitchen - Food with or without salt, Cooking with or without salt, Metal and salt, Oil and salt, Salt and its sources, Different kinds of salt, Salt in history - Just a pinch of salt in our day to explore thinking, pondering, experiencing and observing.   


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