Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Business persepctive

Often earning is limited to gaining degrees. But we fail to recognize our own strengths and interests. How about learning to hone our skills and sell them to earn rather earning by doing what we don't want to do.

The journey of Astronomy

We got a new telescope last year.
He got interested in assembling the telescope.
In the process of assembling he got introduced to using the telescope.
He got interested in setting up the telescope.
He would set up the telescope for anyone interested to watch the moon with its creators 
He would get up 5 in the morning to trace that rising star.
He got excited about more discoveries like another galaxy.
He took a session on Skywatch to share his learnings. 

Climbing wall

 A small spark “make a climbing wall. A complicated design to begin with which was rejected by the team of kids. The idea of a simpler design to make it on the existing old bus wall was passed. Kowshik, a climber by passion joined, another visitor at the camps joined and loads of excitement was created with designing and implementation of the climbing wall. Kowshik wrote in his blog the story of the making of climbing wall at Aarohi.


Story of outdoor gym

A small spark “make a pull-up bar for fitness”, few resources  - a ladder, few old tyres, few ropes, determination and lots of energy enthusiasm. That’s all was needed to make this jungle gym for kids of various ages.

Make one pull up bars to have more fun in our fitness routine

Make pull up bars for fun

Make pull up bars by ourselves

Make pull up bars to feel satisfied with doing and creating

Discovery of Freedom with Responsibility - Summer 2018 - week one

Responsibility is the word often comes when we talk about open learning. Often a doubt is raised “If its free, will the child be responsible or how do I make a child responsible?” At Aarohi we do not make children responsible, they are responsible (this is the belief we began with). Once we change this perspective, our actions change.

Menu Manager

Understanding what is a balanced diet, why carbohydrates in our meal or the role of protein? The finding balance of various grain is confusing. And catering to the needs of different needs of all taste/cultures is frustrating. And with all this also to understand the difference between rice and millets is a mind-boggling task.

Wondering and Learning Journey

He has fear of water.

He prefers snorkeling over deep sea diving.

He loves surfing but has fear of unknown water.

A few years back he made a raft and paddled across a pond  - he just wanted to make, didn't want to indulge in understanding the concepts (buoyancy etc) behind them.

A few years later, he wondered - How do ships float? He just got interested in ships, not actually ships but interested in " how things works? " 

Story of Growing

Self-driven sketching lessons - no teachers, no curriculum, no exams, no certificates
Learning from various resources, peers, and self.
With determination, discussion and doing.

Each one has a driven reason to sketch
One wants to beat his sister in sketching perfection.
Other one liked it since childhood.
One wants to just practice.

Imagine, Aarohi - An Open Learning Community where learning happens without any reason.

Story of Struggle

We needed a slab to keep extra luggage in the one of the room. One of the children who like construction work took the initiative.

This is not just a slab, this is the story of self-motivation, struggle, and achievements.

He was excited to use old glass bottles to make a slab.

He measured, cleaned the place and started.

The bottles didn't come in straight line. He needed to use tools to make it straight.


Our Tippy Tap broke.
He was given the task to repair.
He was given the ideas.
He just needed to work (hands-on).
He postponed for few days.
Finally, he started.
He was surprised with self when he cut the first box.
He did not stop after that.
He made it. We used it and tested also. 
He is happy for self!
Imagine Aarohi, an open learning community where we don't make learning easy for children, we make it challenging!


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