Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Learning Utsav - Celebrating Learning

A day to celebrate diversity in learning.

The beauty of the event is the openness of the format, it allows one to participate in sessions of ones interest. It allows all ages to be equal, because everyone can teach and everyone can learn. It gives space for everyone from all ages, gender or background. 

Graphic Designing with Paolo

We draw, we paint, we create - A session with Paolo gave a direction to our skills of drawing, painting, and sense of colouring. Graphic designing with Paolo was to know more about the skills of designing - lines, colors, typography, alignment...so many things play a role while composing and giving a shape to our thoughts. It was all about being conscious of different elements of graphic designing. 



I spy my eyes on “something green, something starting with X, something ending with M, something slanting, something oval, something possible, something….” a very simple game but brings lots of possibilities!

Yes, possibility was the theme this week.


Travel and Growth

Travel at Aarohi means GROWING. Each travel at Aarohi has a story and this was no different. 

If you are travelling from the campus for the first time - keep a day or two to understand the whole dynamics of travelling including - which train, what all stations, timings, understand travel  from camps to railway station, expected expenses, budgeting, informing parents about the routes and details...and the whole process takes from few hours to few days (depending your exposure and willingness to explore new).

Home Learning

We all do different things at home during weekends/ and break week - some do cooking, some go to church, some learn language, ...We shared this week in Thought club

Just Three days!

Someone said "just three days in this week"! After the break week we began our sixth term on Wednesday, that left only three days at campus.

Well, the three day week began with term planning. Pondering over - What interests to fire, what to leave and what to continue. What to explore new and try new and what to continue. What about self and social life? How about family time? And that was the beginning of our term at the campus.

The spark began with planning and we forgot that it was just three days!

Football rolled on


The theme of marketing brought light to the concept of marketing. Marketing is about communication, identifying what sells, exchanging services or skills. It's not only about producing (products or skills or services), but also identifying what is required and how to convert your passion into sellable products which can add value for others (so they pay).

What do you want to market yourself as .... Strengths, Skills, Interests, plans, dreams ?


Electronic a way of life

We see electronic everyday

Use them everyday

They are part of life

But how much are we close to them?

How much do we know them?

Are they alien to us?

How about exploring

Seeing inside outside

How they flow

How they glow?

How they work?

How do they look?


Just one session to explore circuits, tools and gadgets!


Doing and Living and Learning

One fine morning
We got together to cut grass

But why Grass

Because it was too long

And we needed for mulching

Then why we?

Why not “get it done”

Then how do we know how does grass feels?

How do we know gras  feel soft and rough?

How do we know how much pressure to put to take it out?

How do we know that “we can do”?

How do we know the feel of standing in the grass?

Langauge and Diversity

Aarohi is rich with cultural diversity - language, food, references, culture, rituals….and that makes life interesting to live.

Various languages - We are blessed with people(visitors and members) from various languages - Tamil, Kannada, Telgu, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi, French, Spanish...and so on.



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