Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Electronic a way of life

We see electronic everyday

Use them everyday

They are part of life

But how much are we close to them?

How much do we know them?

Are they alien to us?

How about exploring

Seeing inside outside

How they flow

How they glow?

How they work?

How do they look?


Just one session to explore circuits, tools and gadgets!


Doing and Living and Learning

One fine morning
We got together to cut grass

But why Grass

Because it was too long

And we needed for mulching

Then why we?

Why not “get it done”

Then how do we know how does grass feels?

How do we know gras  feel soft and rough?

How do we know how much pressure to put to take it out?

How do we know that “we can do”?

How do we know the feel of standing in the grass?

Langauge and Diversity

Aarohi is rich with cultural diversity - language, food, references, culture, rituals….and that makes life interesting to live.

Various languages - We are blessed with people(visitors and members) from various languages - Tamil, Kannada, Telgu, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi, French, Spanish...and so on.


Yummy Puri

Menu said 'Puri Chola".
"Yummy puri", said some.
Make your own Puri and wonder
But why my Puri puffed up?
Why my this Puri didn't puffed up?
Why some puffed up, some don't?
Why some are round some not?
Hot oil or warm oil? 
Both sides or one side?
Crispy or soft?
Ah! So much to wonder 
So much to experience

Just one announcements "make your Puri and wonder"?

Play Back Theatre Ingredients

We did a show on playback theatre last year and left the audience mesmerising about the whole concept. This year once again we started practicing for the show in a conference. First question was to discover "what are the elements of playback theatre?" We all have understood that it's not at all about "acting".

Few ingredients which we have understood and that's all we practiced about

1 Team building - Listening to each other.

Sports day or play day?

Sports, Play and Games are integral part of our living at Aarohi. We play everyday (community sports), but sometimes we play whole day long and we call it “sports day”.

Sports day at Aarohi began with planning :). Some wanted to conduct the sports - the criteria was “all ages should be able to play and participate”.

The rules of the sports were adjusted to ensure participation of all ages. The purpose was to just play and we all played.

A day full of playing different sports.


The story of Movement

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I, the Body and Kinesthetic intelligence, was much sought after. Warriors depended on me; craftsmen used me to create both articles of utility and beauty; dancers and dramatists added depth to culture; sport was the primary pastime, and many professions used hands dexterously to achieve and to perform. A lot of education was about developing my presence in each child. I was valued because people believed in the magic of hands and body. I was popular because people could create and perform with me.

Our Curriculum this week

Our curriculum this week included - Guitar, Crochet, Wood carving, Astronomy, Cooking, Festival Puja, Craft- Gift factory, Knowing about airport and aviation, Repairing speakers, Aqua phonics, Theatre, Sketching, Making poster, Carpentry, Tippytap, Reading about atoms and plants, football, maths, Repair cycle, Fitness, Drumming, Sewing, Painting, Fishing, Musical instruments, Electronics, History and Geography.

And we continue with integrated learning (learning beyond what one can see)

Story of my Growing

When he came we asked “what are your interests”

He asked “what does it mean?”

We asked “what you like doing?”

He said, “Matlab (meaning)?”

We asked “what you do at home?”

He smiled “watch TV and play video games on my tab”

We got hopeful and asked and …

He said “that’s all”.

We asked to know more “and in school?”

With a smile again he said “bunk classes and play cricket with my notebook in the bathroom”

They do!

They both love Video Games

They both understand technology

They both have not gone through any classroom teaching of computer programming

But they both are our “System Admin” - repair laptops, setup internet for our campus and … solving all our technology problems.

All they do is DO!



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