Learning by Doing and Experimenting

Learning mela to grow

The idea is simple - Different ages - Different skills and the joy is learning from each other - from different ages.

Many more learning spaces created by each other

Many more teachers
Many more ways of learning


Often asked “how does one know what one is interested in?” Exposure to resources is one of the key aspect of open learning - resources can be physical, tools, people or even places. Many times just the exposure and usage in various works helps a learner to connect with self.

Many discoveries happens through resources

A room full of junk (sorted and labelled)

A wall full of tools

A cupboard filled with art and craft supply

A nook equipped to cater to various interests

Opportunities - Jobs

Jobs at Aarohi - another opportunity to explore, experiment and experience. The jobs have different flavour - just because they are "jobs" they comes with a a tag of "commitment".

Word war INSIDE

Two kids fighting…we let this happens

Few kids not able to work together…we let this continue

One child is not accepted…we let this continue

‘boys’ and ‘girls’ fight over ‘silly’ things…we let that happen

jealousy, revenge, putting down, friendship, support, acceptance, rejections…all are part of the environment.


There is nothing to CHANGE! There is only to be AWARE!…and that’s what we do.

Wondering with scientific thinking!

.Where does wind comes from? What difference it would have made if all the fingers are of different size? Why eraser rub the pencil? Why trees goes up? Why we can't listen from nose? What is scientific thinking? - Is it wondering...keep thinking..not one thought but continue to think... thinking which does not stop with one answer.

Challange to Glow!

The job a facilitator is very dynamic – we are always on roller coaster ride – sometimes doing down, sometime going up, sometimes getting goosebumps, sometimes screaming with joy!

Three Steps

Welcome to the world of open learning at Aarohi! Sometimes the word "open" can be misleading and lead to "doing nothing". And doing nothing is not contemplating but distracting, postponing, procrastinating....Here we suggest THREE steps suggestion to start your open learning journey

ONE - Choose at least 20-30 things to explore including known, unknown, easy, difficult, new, old.... Share the list with us for us to add value.

Knowing Democracy

Democracy cannot be learnt, it can be experienced. Our most aspirational endeavour - to create and keep Aarohi as a democratic space. We are experimenting with many form of interactions, communications, interventions and systems - all targeted to make the community truly interdependent - with co-creation, co-learning and co-existence as key parameters
MY VOICE - A platform to raise one's voice for any aspect of working of Aarohi.

Consuming or Producing?

They signed up for "story telling sessions". One of the facilitator was telling stories in different languages...they were happy and entertained. During one of the story session, they were introduced to shadow puppetry. They were excited with the play of light, and of characters to create a story.

Afforestation - Seedballs

Fridays are special at Aarohi  - sometimes visiting places, sometimes working together, sometimes watching movies !


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