How Children Learn

Success or Process

Many people ask me success stories of Aarohi - what children from Aarohi have become. Also I have heard lot of people boast about their school or institution by citing stories of  ‘Shining alumni’.

This is indeed profoundly grave - for according to me, herein lies a major question we need to ask ourselves -

Is education about some result / output?

Or if I rephrase this question - What would it do to the education, the learner (child) and the adult (teacher or parent)

Contents or Container

It appears to me that the conventional education system is quite focused on the contents. Maybe the initial idea was that when we work on contents it will develop the container. But over a period of time - more and more people gave substantially more importance to contents - so much so that the container is almost forgotten.

In fact the container (child) is judged on the basis of how well the child can answer questions related to content (often memory of content).

Doing without Thinking

Sometimes children just do - they do not think how their action will affect them or others or its consequences. They do not think of its righteousness nor they think of its appropriateness.

Some call this kind of behaviour us un-mindful.

Some call this kind of behaviour as spontaneity.

Some even call it childish.

Some call it un-adult-erated, pure.


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Card Board Creation

I saw few cardboard boxes
I saw few things made up of cardboard boxes (doll house, fridge, sofa etc). 
I thought I can make for kids at the campus.
I decided to not make it!
I collected few and decided to not to make. I kept all the boxes as "resource of the day".
Day one, two kids picked up a large box and spent a day with it. At the end of the day they told me " we are going be lot more busy tomorrow, lot of work to be done" and they carefully kept their six feet long cardboard box next to their bed.

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Outdoor to plantarium

Outdoor to planetarium


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Life of me at Aarohi

Life of me at Aarohi

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Surfing in Mulki

Surfing - it brought both excitement as well as fear (will I be able to do it)

You see we aren't used to dancing on the waves.

I too was not sure for me surfing at the age of 49. 

But once we reached Mulki, cleaned the beach, did out drill on the beach - all wehad to do was to hit the waves and surf along - we rode, we fell, we had salf water all over and inside us, and we went back for more.

Three days of surfing and we realised how a simple thing (wave) can turn into so much fun as well a sport.


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Getting to know CAT

Getting to know CAT

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Mehandi Inspiration

Avani  5 year old, inspired by Mehandi designs.  

A small wish to apply mehandi design in her hand made magic in  her day .

A small constraint to plan time and her own design to have the cone made her to commit .

She did magic. She planned her time and design, did setup of place, collected cone and applied mehandi all by herself without any distraction.

Deeply Soaked in the design woke up after she was satisfied.

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My Journey of PMO

My journey of PMO, ( PRESENTER MEDIA OFFICER ) all it started by a small notice,  that made me interested to work on it. 

with determination went for Interview, had a long talk about what i want to learn, how will I Face my challenges and many other...

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