Trust Members

art of Aditi & Ratnesh - who are profiled in the Team page - follwing are the current trustees of Aarohi Life education trust:



Meetali Mukherjee
I have had an eclectic and checkered exposure to myriad fields from indigenous construction, to education, to garment and machine tool manufacturing. "Dirtying my hands" with mortar, books, grease, garbage, and people, I would love for our children to know that "being hands-on" is not dirty at all.
My association with Aarohi began with my child studying there but has now evolved into being in Team Aarohi. I am committed to helping provide children the space to feel and learn in an unfettered atmosphere with no limits to the omnidirectional learning curve. The idea of integrating the different spaces that modern living has erected and built a holistic learning environment where each space complements the other is what we are trying to achieve. We do not want to compartmentalize and judge children but allow them the freedom to explore skills that everyday life demands; at their own pace. The image of taking this concept to the higher education level is very inspiring too. 


Aditi Shah Mathur

Another pillar of Aarohi. Popularly known as a blogger of Aarohi. Known for her clarity in what she is doing or while working with others.  She is firm when required, brings balance in being firm with clarity and let go. Implementer and thinker pillar of Aarohi brings value with her reverence in whatever she does. 

She says "By profession Architect, but I have been doing counseling to parents and training workshops for parents and teachers and been enjoying working with children since 1999. The best part about living and working with children is that I am excited about everything in life - right from potato chips, to rappelling, poetry and singing to dancing to sketching to technology to making things, to, to, to laughing silly over everything. I am an organizer, a creator. With children and Aarohi, my life is constantly evolving. I started my journey of Aarohi when we started homeschooling our daughter. Mother of two (13 and 19yrs old) I enjoyed each moment of homeschooling/unschooling/ with Aarohi".

 Ratnesh Mathur

Ratnesh, our source of inspiration in many ways. He does not teach nor ask us to learn, he just keep learning by self. He is unique in many ways and known popularly as 'tormentor not mentor'. His mentorship will ensure all thinking brain working and learning by own challenges. He rarely helps anyone and he help us by not helping. He is very unpredictable, never satisfied with one work of working - working with him brings frustration if not ready to explore self, but once explored self, it brings tremendous joy and gratitude for what he is.  Known for his openness, direction and goofiness, his introduction in his words

You don't need to know me: I am inconsequential.
Think of me only as yeast who is out to agitate;
or consider me a shaker who's  job is make you churn;
or use me as a flipper to turn you upside down;
or maybe I am a mirror who will try to reflect
what all is inside you that you   would like to be aware
Do not agree with me for then I am not required, 
Do not disagree with me for then you waste your time,
but beyond the boundaries of judgment
think ... and you shall discover your own learning.

He says 'I like nature walks, traveling, drumming, making things, reading poetry, watching movies, playing both indoor and outdoor games/sports, watching stars, gardening, ... and the list keeps growing all the time. I enjoy doing things with children -, especially theater. I have been working with children and doing workshops for parents and teachers since 1999. I like designing learning resources and activities. I enjoy the campus and community life at Aarohi'.