Smart Genie


SMARTNESS is all about - 

    being a smart THINKER, and
    being smart at EXPRESSING these thoughts

SMART Genie is about first having smart Thoughts, and then Expressing them smartly. So the program focuses on thinking skills and expression skills.

This program focuses on giving children exposure of becoming confident; expressing; and building essential skills of communication, and  becoming better thinkers - hence becoming SMARTer.

Smart Genie uses Geniekids' renowned Activity-based Fun-Learn method which includes usage of  

  • Language development - specially expressing through talking with an added emphasis on reading and developing a love for books
  • story Telling and story Making
  • Puppetry
  • Theater and Body Movements
  • Art as an Expressive medium
  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning & Decision Making
  • Thinking Games based on Creativity, Analytical and Critical thinking, Visual and Kinesthetic thinking, etc.

So in any activity - first part is to make them THINK (eg imagine a story) 
Second part of activity is make them express (eg by acting, talking, making, interview, etc)

Detailed Example

Children make a puppet

Then we play various rounds of THINKING - what kind of puppet, name, likes, lives, eats, favorite toy, and so on - each child is thinking DIFFERENTLY about their OWN puppet. 

Now its time for children to EXPRESS - so there would be a small story and in that story their puppet talks - they hold the puppet and they are talking for their puppet.