Word genie-Listening- Stimulation

Listening -


  • Logic Genie, V, TS - analysis - Make – KWL chart about listening as a word genie objective.

    • K - what I know

    • W-  what I want to know

    • L - and what I learned

  • Self Genie, A, TS - Application - Express thoughts on “what is the difference between listening and hearing”. Second round say a funny  thought about the same.

  • (People Genie, A, TS - Evaluation - Listen to 3-4 languages. If you have people in session who speak various language - ask them to speak anything in different language. OR listen to audio of different languages. Discuss with a peer three things that you do when you listen to a new  language and then explain which one has helped you personally the most.

  • Visual Genie, V, TS- Comprehension - Watch the presentation on listening. Draw yourself in each slide (in your notebook) - Draw how listening looks and how your body looks when you are listening.

  • (Word- V,A, K) -

    • Listen to the audio talk - summarize by writing and drawing and telling.

    • Next listen to the video talk - Summarize by writing and drawing and telling.

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