Word genie-Listening- Stimualtion

  • Click here for the mind map
  • Logic- Collect data from different people on what do they, when they listen to new words.
  • People- Listen to one word pronounced by different set of people- for e.g Nayana- each one of us pronounces it differently.
  • Visual- Make visuals to denote what Listening for comprehensions, listening for knowledge, listening for vocabulary means to you,
  • Self-Write down atleast 5 different things that you will do when you listen to a new word or phrase-make a listening strategy wall.
  • Body-Listen to the following idioms and through actions express the meanings of the following phrases-Face the music, Break Ice, make a mountain of a mole hill, by hook or by crook- etc.
  • Music-Listen to an advertisement/song- now share what all you listened to -specify atleast 5 different things.(Vocabulary, Accent  Comprehension  Same words used in different ways)
  • Word-Make three columns – KWL. Make a list of what you know about Listening as a word genie objective.
  • See the video, what would be different if you could have listend to the instructions also or what kind of desription or use of words would you want to listen in this video?
  • Listen to the story of The Sour grapes-
    Make a model of the settings.
    Add one character who could have changed the situation.
    Find the meaning of the new vocabulary that you heard.

  • Listen to a speech and analyse the structure of the language
  • Play a game of Simon says- Simon says to touch things starting with /b/ Sound
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