Word genie-Listening- Resources

Resources for Listening

Mind maps

  1. Word- Content guide - http://mind42.com/mindmap/0835aa00-33f7-43fb-8b78-ce732304476d

  2. How to develop - MI guide - work in progress http://mind42.com/mindmap/95ee1709-080a-43fc-bb30-bb66f9b5b266

  3. What is Listening - Objective guide - http://mind42.com/mindmap/342634a7-0f71-4bd6-ab6b-55e5dcf56e7d

  4. Environment - yet t o make

V (visual channel)

  1. Dictionary

  2. Visual books

  3. Work books

  4. Articles -

K (kinesthetic channel)

  1. Doing Action songs

  2. Make vocabulary wall- add pictures

  3. Organisers

  4. Flash cards, Picture cards

  5. Use material to express what you listen - clay, colors, slate and chalk.

  6. Make representing models or draw as you listen something

  7. Listening Tools

A (auditory channel)

  1. Audio stories

  2. Audio news (latest)

  3. Listen to different songs, stories, speeches.

  4. Listen to people -focus on specific things-style of language, words used etc

  5. Listening games


  1. Display word wall

  2. Display teasers and quotations about listening

    1. sign here after you read “Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn't listening.  Emma Thompson

    2. Add your thoughts on listening to make it a funny poem.

Listening is like jumping in the……………..

Listening is like eating……………….

Listening is like playing……….

Listening is like

Listening is


    1. Add unrelated words to the objective mind map of listening

      • Listening for structure

      • Listening for understanding

      • Listening for learning

    2. Add pictures the to MI mind map of listening - which will not develop listening skills.

    3. Draw here what all sounds you hear in a day.

  1. You are the LIVE DICTIONARY for today. Make your own word and write your own  meaning of it.

  2. Guess me - Write something you heard here in secret language. Let others guess.

  3. Display all the above (VAK) resources

  4. Display mind maps

  5. To self -

      • Wear a word garland of jumbled words - or make a cross word and stick to your back.

      • Wear a big badge saying “I want to listen to your body actions, I will not ask”. Look for non-verbal communication. Make it funny - if someone raises a finger, show the toilet door :-).

      • Put a red and green bindi

      • Press green if you think I listened to you to understand

      • Press red if you think I did not listened to you.

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