Who am I?

train1926.jpgWhen i was a child schooling was like a chuk chuk gadi. I was just like a little bogie - being chugged along - totally lead by the teacher / school who decided where I go, at what speed i go and where i am supposed to reach. I had no say in anything - even who all will be the other bogies was decided by the railways!


Now when i look around I don’t see chuk chuk gadi - i see sleek trains. The school is still a train - just - now it goes faster, it is sleeker. There are sophisticated and technologically advanced tools, better service which is invariably more expensive. But its still a train where the child / bogie is pulled lead by the engine.how-to-draw-a-subway-subway-train-step-18_1_000000136411_5.gif


In some cases, in some classrooms, in some schools, at some levels, in some countries - the children are allowed to choose - its like the bus stand there are some buses going in some directions and you can choose (electives) and then jump on that bus with co-passengers - all who have chosen to go the same way! Though one may still be wondering why one has chosen that bus. And obviously, if you decide after few stops - to change - that’s really not possible.


Some of us may want education to be more like auto rickshaw - flag one down and tell them where you want to go and thats it. But wait, we still would be driven around - the way the driver wants - what if he is too fast or too slow or too rash or maybe he is not even ready to take you where you want to go.


The problem is not really with the train or the bus or the rickshaw - the problem is that in each case - the engine or the driver - that is you gentle reader, takes their job too seriously. We are so caught up with making the passengers reach wherever we think they should reach, that we forget to enjoy the journey.


Who am I?



An Engine of a train

That chugs them all along


Or an autorickshaw driver

That zig zags through the jam


Or am i the traffic policeman

Who whistles where not to gowaitress+sketch.jpg


Or a fast food restaurateur

Who serves yummy food


Or Do i hear you saying.

Buddy count them all?


But what would happen



If I could be a fermenting yeast

who is out to agitate kids to think


or i become the turbulent shaker

to stir, to churn, to mix all learning up


or maybe i am a habitual flipper

tossing ideas, concepts, children upside down



or even better I can be a mirror





who reflects, what all is inside you


because that is all you need to know.






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