TRAFFIC SIGNAL - Play this game of Thumbs up, Down, and lock fingers to show  interesting. Say random words - travel, planning, food, doing work, weather, talking, buying grocery, sports, etc.  Second Round  - Draw or think of traffic signal and think about the day ‘What did not like as red, what liked in green and what was ok in orange’.
REPEAT CONSULTANT - think of your day and think one thing you would like to repeat next day, one thing you would like to not repeat, one thing you advise or recommend others to repeat.
REFLECTION IN A HAT - Go around with a cap in your hand and collect from other "Today I was worried that.....". Second round "Today I was afraid...". Third Round " I wished today I ..." Fourth round "Today I was challenged when....". Fifth round "Today I felt achieved when....".
See any printed advertisement and relate your day with any visual from the day. See different pictures

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