Movie Review

After a long time posting movie review. We watch one movie weekly, but not been able to post reviews. Starting again...

Two movies - both based on real stories.
SPOTLIGHT - A group of journalist go deep into a topic and bring the stories out. They are called spotlight. The story is about child abuse. Liked the way they investigate with depth.

HACKSAW RIDGE - Ah! What a conviction! This soldier refuses to touch a gun and is declared as an obstinate person. The same determination led  him saving many other soldiers in the war without a single weapon. There are many war scenes and wounded soldiers. 

The movie led to a discussion on world war, army, strategies, courage, war weapons, commitment, faith, a goal of 'one more' and so on. One does not have to be big or powerful to make any difference, anyone can make a difference. There is no need to judge anyone based on one action, we don't know who will be what and when and so on.

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