If you miss the flight, you can catch the train

Awareness is awesome. If I can be aware of all my thoughts and feelings at that moment, i can superbly choose my responses. But many a times my habits of mind kick in and I react. To make matters worse I later feel guilty about it.
But think of it, just because of I have missed the flight, I can take the slower train to reach the same destination. 
Reflection is resourceful. One I settle in my train, I have all the time to reflect! Which is why I like guilt or regret - it gives me time to understand myself, to acknowledge the child, and to explore the many dimensions of any habits of mind. 
I prefer not berating myself over what I did. The flight has flown.
I can now chug along with my child. We can pause at all stations of importance, enjoy what each feeling was hawking, hobnob with our co-passengers and  consider if we need to repack / upgrade our operating system.
Interestingly there are many trains to reflection, catch any, all are equally insightful:
You can also use what we call as tools to help you and the child to reflect - here are some resources on our website:
Finally, here are my favouite seven guidelines to reflection
  1. Collect
  2. Collect
  3. Collect
  4. Collect
  5. Imagine and Play
  6. Imagine and Play
  7. Put constraints
And yes, if you by chance miss the train too, then head straight to an ice cream parlour with your child and have your favourite ice cream, knowing very well that the world hasn't come to an end as yet. (Invite me too:)
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