Five Values

We often ponder what are the CORE VALUES one should develop in one's child Here is ourFIVE MUST-HAVE list: 

1. The value of Experimentation (or Trying)
I will let my child, who is a born experimenter, keep trying different things in life. The more the child tries, the more the child explores. The more the child explores that more the child learns. The more the child learns, the more the
child gathers raw material and tools for life! I will let him fail and treat every failure with as much regard as success and just keep trying. 

2. The value of Consciousness (or feelings)
I would teach my child to be conscious of his or her feelings. Let my awareness of my feelings be a guide to what I should do and what I should not do. If I am aware of my feelings, my behavior becomes more regulated and my days become more rewarding and joyous.

3. The value of Reflection (or thought)
When I think through a situation, when I reflect back on what I did and when I introspect as to what happened I learn how to learn. I learn to make better decisions, I learn to progress and grow, I develop WISDOM.

4.The value of Openness (or being non-judgmental)
We stop our thinking, we limit ourselves, when we form opinions, when we make assumptions, when we jump to conclusions, when we make preconceived notions and mental blocks about things and people, including ourselves. We open multiple pathways of growth and happiness when we move away from good or bad, from right or wrong, from judgments, rather work from the objective of being effective and constantly improving through being flexible.

5. The value of Strength (or passion)

We can't possibly cut effectively from the blunt side of our knife.. There is also little point in trying to sharpen the blunt edge. I would rather sharpen my sharp edge and to make it more incisive. Then with minimum effort I can create
maximum effect. I will also teach the child the value of constantly sharpening the knife.

More than teaching about honesty, responsibility, loyalty, humility, justice, respect etc, I would rather teach children the above five and let themexperience, understand and choose whichever values they want to use to lead their own life with honor and happiness. 

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