Fireburner - Whats wrong with Confidence

We all want confident children - but maybe, just maybe, we are wanting the wrong thing. Let's spend some time to understand confidence and then decide what we want and how to go about giving the child, the best of the child.

This online session happened with about 70 participants on Wednesday, 7th Feb, 2018 from 9pm to 11pm

Here is a kind of summary of the session:

What would happen if relegated confidence as something unimportant, irrelevant and useless?

Our contention is that we would automatically focus on

  • Acceptance
  • Connecting with the emotions
  • Understanding behaviour and fears
  • Giving more opportunities and free play
  • Letting GO of the child, our expectations, and images

 For people who joined us in the session - do post your comments below.

For people who missed attending the session - here is the video recording of the whole session and below it the presentation we used in the session:

Also as promised during the session -  you can download from this page the Letting Go poster (PDF - see end of this page).

Also,  in a way this webinar is a fundraiser for our bus-library project. So you can donate some money (five hundred or five thousand or fifty five thousand  - actually any amount) by transferring online to Aarohi's account. See bus-project page for details.



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