Pre School Curriculum

The Pre-School curriculum package is designed to offer you a multitude of choices, giving you ample freedom and command over the planning, the curriculum, and day to day scheduling and the delivery of your pre-school activities.

The Curriculum Collection contains month wise activity schedule suitable for all ages between 2 to 5 years. You can either follow the sample plan we offer or add or modify the same and even completely create your own monthly plan based on the variety of activities we offer.

However, the most exciting option for you might be to pick and choose and add activities to your already existing schedule. The key word here is flexibility. Imagine our offering like a salad bar – offering you a variety of veggies and fruits, dressings, salad oils, and other additives. Now you go ahead and make your own salad.
Much in the same way, we will offer you – a variety of activities, using a variety of mediums, materials and intelligences.
You can - as an alternate - choose to pick a set of objectives – and then for working on those objectives – choose the relevant set of activities. (The activities are indexed by the objectives they cater to).

As we said, the whole idea is to offer you flexibility – you will never run out of activities, you may run out of rime!

The pre-primary curriculum is called the Khoj-I.C.-Design.

  • I stands for INTEGRATED - - all learning objectives and elements are integrated into one place and
  • C stands for it being very detailed and COMPREHENSIVE.

Khoj-IC-Design is always work in progress - as in - we have done design for curriculum worth 40 weeks and we still continue to make more designs and refine the existing ones. new designs are being added to this link on a weekly basis.

A good place to start is to read the khoj IC design Brief guide as well as a sample design for a day here


Each folder contains design for a week each - mon to fri - and contain activities details for three levels

  1. Buds would be 2 to 3.5 years
  2. Blossoms would be 3 to 4.5 years
  3. Bouquet would be 4 to 6 years

(notice an age overlap above - which is more of the style that we work with - mixed age groups)

Please note Expresso is not part of the sheets above - it is separately documented  - to see expresso design click here

Right now things may look overwhelming and you may feel little lost. The idea is to read through some designs - get a overall hang of the way we have put it and then pick and use whatever you find useful.

You can start using the Khoj-IC-Design - straight away. Please see this ink (you may need to ask for permission to access these google docs)

What is the cost of the curriculum?

The curriculum is open. Which means you can start using right away without any payment. You can pay us whatever you feel like paying, whenever you feel like paying.

Indicated cost of curriculum at Rs20,000/- per school.

But you are free to not pay us, or pay any amount less than 20K or any amount more than 20K :-).

You can pay this amount now, few months later, few years later or never.

The curriculum is open and so are we :-)

Need clarifications - contact us.