Our Team

We love the concept of open, organic and self-driven learning. As Aarohi evolves, we are constantly learning, trying, erring, fighting, caring, enjoying, and growing.


By profession Architect, but I have been doing counseling to parents and training workshops for parents and teachers and been enjoying working with children since 1999. The best part about living and working with children is that I am excited about everything in life - right from potato chips, to rappelling, poetry and singing to dancing to sketching to technology to making things, to, to, to laughing silly over everything. I am an organizer, a creator. With children and Aarohi, my life is constantly evolving.

I started my journey of Aarohi when we started homeschooling our daughter. Mother of two (11 and 18yrs old) I enjoyed each moment of homeschooling/unschooling/ with Aarohi. My son did not go for any formal schooling, daughter went till 5th std. 


fatimaFatima Akka
I enjoy cooking and take care of the campus. I am ready to help children in ensuring their stay at the campus is comfortable.

Go slow - Aarohi ahead, she fulfills the slowness of Aarohi. Very quietly and gently cleaning around, ensuring fresh drinking water, clean laundry, and hygienic toilets. A fast learner ensures that the spaces are clean and organized as per our needs. She enjoys making garlands and cooking nonveg for us. She never fails to invite us every Id and now it is a custom for commucelebrateeleberte id with her family in the town. 


I am an VLSI Backend Engineer by profession. I have done my AMIE from Indian Institute of Engineers. I am from a middle class, orthodox family. I have experienced in my life, what empowerment really means and how it helps a person to take up any challenges in life. I strongly believe in the concept of life-based learning rather than knowledge-based learning. I believe in learning through joy, fun, and understanding that is based on real-life needs. I would love to take the Aarohi way to many more children 



I like nature walks, traveling, drumming, making things, reading poetry, watching movies, playing both indoor and outdoor games/sports, watching stars, gardening, ... and the list keeps growing all the time. I enjoy doing things with children - especially theater. I have been working with children and doing workshops for parents and teachers since 1999. I like designing learning resources and activities. I enjoy O-Campus and community life at Aarohi.



SeenappaSeenappa Anna

I like to work with my hands - especially making things our of mud, cement, bamboo etc. I take care of the Campus - constructions, repairs, and trees!

He joined us as a laborer in our kitchen construction, and now he is a strong pillar of Aarohi. If you need help with any tools, If you have any idea to make something, If you want to work with mud or make a nook for you - connect with this magic man. You will see him quietly working in the midst of wood, mud, Bamboo, and tools. He can mesmerize you with his magical tricks with binding wire!  



 Manji Akka

I love cooking. I also like playing with children. I primarily take care of the kitchen at the campus. A very quiet cook in our kitchen but learn by each visitors who visit the campus. She started with apprehension "what can I cook for you I know only to cook what I cook at home". Today she can cook Kadi from Rajasthan, various dishes from the south, Chapati from North and of-course delicious Ragi Mudde with Sambhar. 

 During lunchtime invite her for a play of traditional games or hide and seek and see her cheating like a child, running like a deer.


 Muniraj Anna

Our land god! He spent all his childhood roaming around in teh forets. He is good with crops, understanding trees and learning our crazy ways of growing fruits and vegetables. He is ever perplexed with our idea of not adding fertilizers to the land. Although he was doing conventional farming, he does not misses to exclaim that the farming can be done with mulching and rejuveneting land. He is a learner and our vegetable man.