List of Workshop Topics

List of Parenting Workshop topics

Here is a list of popular Parenting Workshops that we have conducted in the past. This is only an indicative list - we cover almost all aspects of parenting, child development, learning and education.

Also to get a close idea of the kind of workshops we do - you can go over to the workshop modules are in our website where we document the actual workshop presentations, including voice recordings etc - all for free.

First Geniekids most exclusive workshop

Preparing Children Sexually
A workshop for parents on 'How to talk', 'What to talk' and 'How to prepare' your child for today's high exposure world.  We have received great reviews from everybody who has attended this workshop (we have done over 60) - this one is a must for all parents.

Another very popular workshop - a session which most companies / schools start with is


We all want our children to be independent, resourceful, confident and empowered.
The question is how?
The good news is the armed with some insights and fresh perspectives, we as parents can make subtle changes in our day to day interactions with the child - which can produce big results over time.
Better understanding of the child and the process of development helps parents themselves to be empowered to empower.

Also, here is a list of DOZEN most popular Parenting workshops topics

  1. Raising a happy, high self-esteem Child: Four approaches towards raising a child’s self esteem. Simple paradigm shift to lead to not only an empowered child, but also happier childhood.
  2. Raising a THINKER: Knowledge is passé - today's world demands people who possess higher order thinking skills  like Analytical, Creative, Problem solving, decision making etc.  
  3. Raising a successful child: If you want your child to develop success characteristics – whatever your list might be – how will you do it? Here is how to develop success and life skills.
  4. Disciplining strategies that work Getting child to cooperate, to listen and to do things appropriately is one of the areas that not only benefits children, but us overworked parents too. 
  5. Developing Child’s Intelligence Recognizing, developing and enhancing the innate potential inside the child. Here is a primer on how to go about tapping child’s innate potential. 
  6. Understanding emotional needs of a child: – The first step in emotional intelligence is to understand the emotional needs of the child. Once these are fulfilled developmental door open. 
  7. Understanding Motivation and how to do it with children: Motivation has to be intrinsic, whether it is study, play, behave or do a household chore. This session looks at understanding motivation with respect to how children naturally operate.
  8. 8 laws of raising independent, responsible, resourceful, empowered and successful children;
  9. Alternatives to punishment: Highly insightful with loads of practical strategies - One of the most popular Geniekids workshop for obvious reasons ;-)
  10. Building confidence: One of most desired developmental characteristic. Simple strategies that make children more confident of their abilities and hence TRY more!
  11. Maximizing quality time: If we were to understand this simple set of approaches towards parenting than it would just not lead to quality time but would lead to quality life!
  12. Beliefs & intentions: Key to unlocking our child’s potential is to unlocks our own beliefs about children and parenting. We call this liberated parenting. The key to behaviour is hence beliefs and intentions. All we need to have is a different point of view.

Here is a further list of topics that we have conducted workshops on:

  1. Interactive Story telling and effective use of books for child's intellectual development;
  2. Developing a strong thinking mind and whole brain development: A strong thinker, problem solver, decision maker, analytical and creative thinking skills
  3. Understanding Adolescents "Tweens and Teens"; Insights into transition from young to adolescent
  4. Study Skills towards more success in Academics; Its no more study harder - its study smarter
  5. Fathers and quality time with children; Yes, exclusively for fathers - by a father :-)
  6. Effective Language development young children: Language learning made simple, creative, fun. Also strategies for issues with language learning
  7. Creativity, thinking and mind development in young children; Open up your mind to open up young children's mind.
  8. Developing all the Eight Multiple intelligences in the child;The key to discovering and developing potential
  9. Understanding Learning Styles and using them to accelerate learning; We all have different learning styles.  Obviously we learn best through our learning style. Also if we use all our senses and both sides of the brain.  This leads to accelerated learning.
  10. Strategies to enhance academic excellence in school going children;
  11. Quality Time - Myths, Meaning and Methods to build magic into your parenting Children;
  12. Myths, Mediation and Methods in developing VALUES in children; - We all worry about values, often force value education and yet wonder what we can do about instilling them in our children - here is a introspective, yet a HOW TO workshop.
  13. Exploring Theater, body movement, expression and creativity Very creative, great fun, explore how theater is a great way to build creativity, expressive abilities and social confidence
  14. Raising a THINKER - Analytical, Critical, Creative, Problem solving et al -  Brain development at its most wholesome;
  15. Helping children overcome shyness and building confidence; If shyness or confidence is your concern, then you should be aware of what all you should not do and what all you should do!
  16. Four pillars of child development: Learning from Piaget, Dewey, Vygotsky & Carl Rogers on how to develop children with high IQ, EQ and SQ. ; Intelligence, Emotional and social quotient makes a complete person - here is a practical look at these four fundamental practices that were espoused by theorists like Piaget, Dewey, Vygotsky and Carl Rogers.
  17. Developing Your Child's Intelligence & Potential; A workshop that focuses on understanding the potential of my child - how my child is intelligent and How to develop all intelligences.
  18. Confidence, Self Belief and Independence in Children; A workshop that focuses on understanding and developing the three pre-requisites of success.
  19. Using Art for developing Intelligence and foster learning; Children enjoy art, but to understand and extend various forms of art as a source of learning and development is what
  20. Making Mathematics more Meaningful - Five approaches to making mathematics more relevant, meaningful, interesting and enjoyable for child - at home or at school.
  21. Celebrating Childhood 1 - Understanding Thinking, learning and Brain development - Learnings from JEAN PIAGET
  22. Celebrating Childhood 2 - Understanding Development through different ages and the children's key needs in each stage - Learning from ERIK ERIKSON
  23. Celebrating Childhood 3 - Providing Children with Meaningful Interactions which offer challenging development - Learning from VYGOTSKY
  24. Celebrating Childhood 4 - Understanding Experiential learning which is based on real & child centered experiences and how to foster Independent thinking and learning. - Learning from JOHN DEWEY
  25. Celebrating Childhood 5 - Understanding how to Stimulate and facilitate significant & self-reliant learning. Carl Rogers has given us perspectives into the critical role of emotions in learning and development - Learning from CARL ROGERS
  26. Celebrating Childhood 6 - Creating environments that create order & beauty that offer children independence and provide opportunities to develop competence & responsibility - Learning from MARIA MONTESSORI