A Child can learn any concept or skill by taking up or joining a "course". A Course typically is something that has a fixed time slot and a fixed frequency and is spread over a stretch of time attempting to cover a certain content. Moreover courses typify group learning. Courses at Aarohi can happen in the following four varieties:

  1. car drivenCONDUCTED COURSE:  Somebody announces a course and teaches it (somebody could be another child, facilitator or an outside expert). (All follow the 'teacher'). Here the teacher is expected to "know' the content, while most of the learners would be learning similar stuff at similar levels. So in this case - the driver drives the car!
  2. car allFACILITATED COURSE: A facilitator announces a course - arranges and provides multiple resources - but no one teaches and each participant in the course can learn different stuff at their own levels. Aarohi facilitator's role is primarily of an enabler and not necessarily of being a expert. So a facilitator does a fair amount of research on what all could be given to children and then may guide them to appropriate resources. However, each child here is driving his own car.
  3. group driveORGANIC COURSE:  A group of learners announce a together-course. They decide to spend fixed time at fixed frequency and figure out different ways of learning the same thing (typically all at same level). Here Aarohi's facilitator plays minimal role, rather the group co-facilitates themselves and takes helps of any external (to the group) agent on need basis. All together drive the same car!
  4. video carONLINE COURSE: Finally one or few learners can together sign up for an online course (e-learning) or a  workbook based course. The advantage here is that normally the flow and contents of the course are fairly structured (as in option #1 above), however the group is free to drive the course at their own pace (similar to option #3). Aarohi's facilitator plays minimal role. This is like playing drive-a-car video game :-)


If you are a parent or adult who would like to come over to our campus and conduct a course (option 1) or you want to be a learner and use any of the four options - you are most welcome to join us. Call us.