Costs and Logistics

We can either conduct an individual workshop or a series of workshop over a year.


  • Each session is two hours (definitely not less than 1.5 hours)
  • Number of participants is no constraint - we have conducted workshops with 10 to 1000 participants.
  • Workshops are conducted by giving us a 2-3 weeks advance notice, on any working day – Monday to Saturday.


Cost to Companies or Schools or Apartments is typically 15k per workshop. However you are free to give us less or more - we call this Apni khushi se doh (Pay as per your wish).

  • However please note that Aarohi is a charitable trust and workshops are a core source to generate funds for the other activities of the trust. Hence payments more than indicated about above are solicited!
  • For workshops/courses outside Bangalore, (1) Consider the reference cost to be 25k (you can schedule two workshops) and (2)  you will need to bear travel / accommodation expenses as applicable.

  • For us to design a customised workshop or customised packages or clarification on the above - please contact us.