Basic Skills

A focused space for the child to work on areas like logic, language, nature, the body and/or enhancing skills or doing a 'deeper dive' into a specific learning area through actual hands-on work or application.

The child decides on specific learning goals and works on these. Some examples are making a story, learn about addition, history of kings, learn to make origami, experiment with friction or know more about gravity, do some cooking, pottery, plumbing, carpentry, stitching, etc

Various kinds of resources (books, activity, a computer, the Internet, people, facilitator as examples), stimuli, help on a need basis, peer discussion, etc are available to the child. Faculty closely observes the child and provide assistance as needed. Unlike classroom driven learning, children at Aarohi do not work in a traditional classroom set up and are in a mixed-age group to enable greater cross learning.

Child chooses a topic from the content. Sets the goal based on this content. Decides what he wants to, how much he wants to and how he wants to do. While doing uses different M.I's to explore the content. Example child chooses Story as a topic from the content. Makes mind map of what is his understanding of story. Chooses what he wants to do in that. Read different types of stories/writers, write my own story, make a video of my story etc. Child moves to choosing how he wants to explore this content-could be make a song, meet different writes, see dramas, experience few things related to the story and share that experience etc. There is no specific time frame by when child decides he has to reach his goal. They pursue the same till they think they have got what they want and then move to something else.