STAGE ONE – Explore the concept of Punctuation

KGQ's - Key Guiding Questions

  • What is Punctuation?
  • How are punctuation and regulation of flow are similar?
  • How are they different?
  • What is the basic concept of punctuation?
  • Where all do I see punctuation?
  • What is the need of punctuation?
  • Have I ever read the text without punctuation?
  • Is it really that reading or writing will make a difference If I do not have punctuation?
  • How the punctuation would have come in existence?
  • Where is the root of punctuation - the word?
  • What all words do I see with starting "pun"?
  • How do I see punctuation in "nature, science., music, people, myself, maths, visuals, .........various MI".

Explore the concept - Where all do I meet REGULATION in my life - Traffic signal, Schedule, Food, friends, music, TV ?

  • Think of traffic scenes – act out or just describe the regulation.
  • Look at your body and see what all regulations happen in your body?
  • Where all do you hear regulation when you sing? Listen to the song (rap song breathless song) and explore regulation
  • Look at numbers – 1, 1,000, 10,000,  2,34,575,763,91  explore regulation
  • How all do you listen regulation in speaking? Listen  to any and explore regulation
  • Where all do you see regulation in Nature?  Think of river, mountains, flow of liquid, mixing of substance, air, flying……………
  • Look at any picture and explore regulation in the way it is made
  • Can you think of more places where do you see, feel or hear regulation – while you work, while your parents work, while you sleep, while you eat……………….

Stage 2 – Explore about Punctuation

  • Read about Punctuation.
  • Read the story of Ta-cumba– Explore the role of punctuation marks in the text. - click here for the origional story
  • Read Hindi story - explore the role of punctuation marks in the text.
  • Make bodily symbols for each punctuation in the text. Take punctuation cards. Now read aloud – every time you reach that symbol – make bodily symbol. If you do not make give one card to the reader? Make your own games with the cards.
  • Decorate the punctuation symbols in the book.
  • Write your own story - take punctuations for b'day party
  • Write your own explanation about Punctuations.
  • Write what questions come in your mind when you think about punctuation.
  • Collect pictures and objects which look like punctuation marks to you and add your creation in the kit.

 Kit Material

    1. About Punctuation – Dictionary meaning, History, Hindi Punctuation, what is punctuation about punctuation.
    2. Story book of  Ta-cumba
    3. Hindi story
    4. Punctuation cards
    5. Punctuation book to decorate
    6. A empty box to keep pictures and objects which looks like punctuation marks.