People who have supported us till Now

deb uncleThe list starts with Deb Uncle - who donated 5 acres of land to O campus. Read more about him here



Further the sun solar energy system has been sposored by the follwing:

  1. Solar PV Panel 900W - Rs45,000 - Part sponsored by Rohan, Monica and Shekhar and Part by Narender & Amy
  2. Inverter 3.5KVA - Rs22,000 - Sponsored by Rakshesh Bhatt
  3. Charge Controller - Rs4,000 - Sponsored by Rajeshwari
  4. Batteries 4 Nos of 200Ah - Rs56,000 Part sponsored - by Maneesha & Rajiv, part by Raghuram and Part by Rajeshwari
  5. Submersible Pump (+ installation) - 15,000 Sponsored by Shipra & Umesh Arora
  6. Mounting, Electrical parts, Pipes & Labour - Rs25,000 Sponsored by Sindhi Reddy

Total Sun Support System Cost - Rs1,67,000 (Fully sponsored by 13 Dec 2012)

Our Zero Waste System is sponsored by

  1. Mohit & Nidhi have sposored Rs15,000/- for Baffle reactor with Settling Pit !
  2. Subramanya Uppala & family have sponsored the Rs18,000/- for reed bed & Polishing pond

Our EarthBag Kitchen is sponsored by

 We need 2.5 lakhs for the kicthen construction.