Outstation (KAA) Trips

Travelling is amazing education. Travelling together is even better. That is what are KAA trips - travel, see, meet, eat and learn.

We go for roughly 3 to 4 KAA trips in a year. These trips can be anything from 2 to a week long duration. we all choose themes for the trips and children research places options and after deciding locations they further organise the trips.

In the past, children have visited places like the Timbaktu Collective, Buda folklore in Honnavar, forests near Tumkur and Nagarahole, the Sharavathi river valley etc. Children have very vivid memories and recollections of these places and also of overcoming their own personal challenges as an outcome of these trips. The trips are optional depending on the child and parents comfort with travel. However, these are highly encouraged and are very popular among Aarohi learners.

KAA ++ trips are outstation trips which are specific to a learner or a group of learners intending to delve deeper into a specific interest. The learner may express this interest. Aarohi, in consultation with parents and child, can facilitate the learning framework and logistics of the trip with the help of faculty or an interested parent accompanying the child.

There are three stages

STAGE 1 - Preparation and Stimulation

  1. Know the places we are visiting, explore purpose of each trip, workout individual goals, and get to understand what to expect from the place / over all visit.
  2. Also prepare logistics - what , where, how, what all to take - kids prepare their list as per the requirement

STAGE 2 - The actual Visit - plan and implement the itinerary as per "What is my goal,  how do I achieve my goal".

  1. STAGE 3 - Reflection - At the end of each day of the trip and also After we come back from the trip: What we saw, heard, felt, learned, enjoyed, - collate information, understanding and analyse various aspects of the trip.  
    Also what more I want to learn?